How To Arrange Your Kitchen For A Move

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Even before you start packing for relocation, you need to prep a room. This preparation is particularly the case in the kitchen, home to an array of small items.

Organizing first, before you can start packing for a house move, can help you save on time. It means classing everything in the kitchen to avoid packing and moving items you don't need. This will make things simpler for both local and long-distance relocation.

The first step to organizing your kitchen is sorting through your utensils, cookware, pans, and dishware. Class them in categories of what you want to keep, throw, donate, and sell.

Deciding whether to keep it or leave it is usually easy for appliances, pots and pans, and your tableware. For instance, if your new place comes with appliances, you have no need for the old ones.

What about small containers, for example, spices? Many are pricey, and it probably took you years to complete your collection. Replacing your collection would cost a fortune. It makes sense to pack them.

Another consideration is where you are relocating. If it is a local move, from one neighborhood to another, there are lots of stores where you can purchase replacements for kitchen equipment. However, if you're moving to a small town, for instance, buying new materials could mean ordering online and paying higher shipping costs.

Throw It Out? Sell It? Donate It?

How do you settle on what to do with things you won't be taking with you? Lay out all the things you are not packing and ask friends and family members to pick what they would like to take.

Is an item in bad shape? Throw it out or recycle it. Thrift shops don't take goods that they can't sell.

Do you enjoy planning garage sales? After friends and family are done selecting, organize a garage sale or sell items on platforms like Craigslist or Kijiji.

What Do You Do With Remaining Food?

Just before moving house, ask neighbors if they will take the food in your fridge and freezer. Even if your move is local, it can take a significant investment of time and energy to pack up frozen, refrigerated and fresh food. If no one wants this food, throw it away.

What About Cleaning Equipment?

Over time, most people collect various cleaning supplies. In almost any kitchen, you will find opened containers that are years old under the sink. Because they aren't sealed, they will cause spills if you try to pack them. You can offer them to neighbors or toss them safely. Check with your garbage and recycling company for instructions.

After you're done organizing your home for a relocation, we at Best Moves Vancouver will pack up all the items in the house. Whether you're moving just across town or cross-country, we are a reliable moving company.

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I used Centennial two weeks ago when I moved from Winnipeg to Alberta. It was my first time moving to another province, and it went very well. I was nervous because I had never moved on my own before, let alone such a long distance, but the person I talked to over the phone was very helpful, asked all the right questions and basically made me feel like I was getting advice from an old friend. When the movers came they were very friendly, professional and helpful, loading everything up on time and transporting nearly everything across Saskatewan without a scratch. I say "almost" because they scratched my dresser a bit, but stuff happens and it wasn't anything I couldn't stick a patch over. They were very apologetic about it and gave me a discount for the damage. I'm happy to recommend them.

I moved with Centennial a few weeks ago, after a good six weeks of preparation which included me and a friend doing the work ourselves. Two days before the big day I threw out my back, and my friend couldn't move everything on his own, so we hired the company last minute. Everything went very smoothly - the movers sent were friendly, helpful and professional, and had no problems taking orders from my friend. They knew exactly what to do as soon as we showed them where everything was, and all I had to worry about was what to put on the pizzas I ordered for everyone.

I moved from Toronto to Mississauga, and these guys were just about as smooth as they could possibly be. Nothing was messed up, and everything was over in about four hours. I would definitely call them again next time I move.

I've worked in the moving industry, and a lot of companies (including my former employers) seem to hire unprofessional men off the street who they get away with paying minimum wage, then advertise their service as "cheap". You get what you pay for. One of my former (professional) coworkers ended up at Centennial Moving, and when I told him I was moving from midtown Toronto to Scarborough, he got me a discount, and the difference in quality between them and my former employers was like night and day! Now when I say "discount" I mean SUBSTANTIAL discount - the company sent two movers, including my friend, and I helped them out, saving the company a fair chunk of time - but the service would have been worth twice what I paid. I'm definitely recommending them to other friends from now on.