Moving To A New Province? What You Need To Know! Part 2

Monday, May 1, 2017

Long Distance Move: How Do My Belongings Get To My New Home?

Hire a Moving Company – If you're not the type of person to pull off a DIY move, you can spend some extra money to contract movers to help you move. Such moving professionals can help you with almost anything moving-related.

They can offer services like packing your things, loading the moving truck, moving them across the country, and unpacking everything for you. Such a full-service move can be expensive, but if you want to spend less, you can request for moving quotes only for loading and unloading the moving truck.

Rent a Moving Truck for Your Self-Move – This may be your best option if you want to save some cash by planning a relatively simple move and have no issue with driving a rental moving truck for long distances.

Renting a truck is a common method of moving and most truck rental companies can help you plan your move and accommodate truck drop offs all over Canada.

Ensure you calculate the cost of fuel and prepare for inconveniences such as bad weather or underestimated drive times by adding some extra room in your dates.

You Pack It, They Move ItWhen planning a cross-country move, having items shipped across the country in a portable shipping container is becoming a popular option, especially for families moving with children.

It's quite simple! A container is dropped off at your new home, and you get to stay with it for as long as necessary. You can pack at a comfortable pace and once you are ready, just contact the shipping company, and your container is on the move to your new property.

This option also gives you the ability to store your container while you are traveling to your destination, which can come in handy.

HOLD ON! Before You Get Going...

Now that you know where you're going and how you're getting there, now is the time to confirm that you have all the information about the destination, in order to avoid any surprises when you arrive in your new place.

Make sure to inform:

Health Providers: Get any records that you need to carry, get your prescriptions refilled, and inquire about any procedures required for moving your records to a new doctor in your new location.

Schools: Get record copies and ask for school recommendations in your new city.

Utilities: Ensure you inform your cable, gas, electric, water, and internet providers that you will be relocating and the date you'll be moving. If you know your move-in date, contact your new utility company, so you have electricity the day you move in.

Employer: If possible, give them a two weeks' notice. Provide them with an address to mail your tax documents and insurance information.

Banks: Inform anyone you give money to or get money from of your move. This includes your bank, car/home/life insurance company, credit card company, and lenders.

Subscription services: You don't want to be that tenant or homeowner who has their mail sent to their old address six months after their move. Any newspaper, magazine and delivery services will require your new address.

Friends and family: Include sending out a change of address card to your relocating checklist. Once you're sure of your new address or if you have somewhere mail can be delivered to before you do, let your friends and family know where to send your housewarming gift.

To read more helpful tips about moving to long distance, move to this link.


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