Moving To A New Province? What You Need To Know! Part 3

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Now that you already know your expected cost of living, know how your belongings will be moved across the country, have your important documents secured, and taken care of your utilities and have a new address, contact:

Canada Post – Change your address and have your mail redirected

Ministry of Health – Depending on your new province, you may need to switch your healthcare plan

Ministry of Transportation – They can provide you with detailed information about acquiring a new driver's license, registration, and licence plate

Canada Revenue Agency

Service Canada – This way any benefits will continue on time

Elections Canada – Register as a voter in your new province

Canada Pension Plan / OAS

Veteran's Affairs – They can give information about benefits and programs in your new city

Canadian Firearms Centre – Essential if you are planning to retain an existing firearms license

By now, you should have everything you need to rest assured that your cross country move will be easy and pleasant. It is crucial that you take all this things into consideration before deciding the next place you want to call home. Being well-informed will take a lot of pressure off and result in the smooth running of things once your move finally happens.

If it's a new adventure you're looking for, consider the differences in living costs between your current home and other cities across the country. Take your time before deciding how you will move your possessions to your new province and opt for the option that suits you and your schedule best.

Once you're ready to move, use the checklist to inform everyone that you're moving. Remembering to contact everyone might be quite difficult, especially due to the stress that comes with relocating, but it is incredibly crucial that you do. Once everyone knows, you can go ahead and get excited to start your new life in a new city!


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