Packing Mistakes: How To Avoid Them? Part 1

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Accompanied by plenty of factors that will require your attention, there is no doubt that a moving process would most of the times be a lot more complicated than expected. Since relocating involves a lot of stress, which increases closer to the moving day, it is unavoidable that some moving mistakes might occur.

To help you achieve a stress-free move, here is a glimpse at nine common mistakes people make when packing for a long distance move. So keep things under control by simply staying away from the following bad packing errors.

#1: Starting to pack without a good plan

Packing without a clear strategy is one of the most common mistakes people make while planning a long distance move. The biggest problem with randomly packing up your home is that it only works to waste precious time that you don't have the luxury of wasting.

To avoid this, you can simply come up with a personalized packing calendar, including all the information and tips that you will need to follow and stick to. It will surely increase your packing productivity. Ensure that you also make your packing tasks a priority as well to reflect your unique instance of house relocation.

#2: Leaving packing jobs for moving day

Whatever agenda you have for moving day, packing should not be part of it. "I can pack on moving day" is a deceiving tactic that can make the big day more overwhelming than it should.

It is very important to realize that procrastinating packing might be your worst enemy during the moving preparations, no matter how much time you think you still have ahead.

Procrastination will cause stress, which will lead to panic, and eventually result in bad decisions.

Make sure you remember this major move related concept: the only way to get something over and done with the right way is to work on it right away – Keep in mind that the idiom ‘the sooner the better’ will never let you down. The moment your move is confirmed, begin the arduous packing process.

#3: Thinking that sorting your belongings is a waste of time

Believing that the sorting process is only time-consuming and not necessarily worth performing, is another common moving mistake. Since time is precious, a lot of people would avoid this step, and there actually is a good reason for that.

The big problem with this line of thinking is that it will not only waste more of your time by packing more items than you require, but it will also take its toll on your budget since the more your final shipment weighs, the more money you're expected to pay for its transportation.

Therefore, don't skip the pre-move sorting task. The only things that you should take with you, in the end, are those that you will really need in the near future.

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