Packing Mistakes: How To Avoid Them? Part 2

Friday, May 12, 2017

In the previous article we had a chance to learn some of the biggest packing mistakes. Below you can find some more helpful tips:

#4: Assuming quality packing supplies are overrated

Among the plenty mistakes to avoid during pre-move preparations is to assume that you can do without top quality packing materials.

This innocent error often causes a domino of misjudgment, and soon enough you may place too much confidence on just any supplies you can get. This ends up compromising the safety of your entire packing operation.

For instance, avoid using cardboard boxes that are in bad shape, as the weight of their contents can cause them to break, resulting in unscheduled headaches easily. Acquire packing materials that are clean, dry, sturdy, and have origins that are safe and confirmed. If it is too costly for you, consider purchasing most of the supplies you need from your long distance moving company.

#5: Presuming you won't need an essentials box

Not a good example. Replace with: This is one of the most common mistakes, even for cases where everything was perfectly organized and performed correctly. When moving house, most forget that once they place their items into the moving trucks, they won't access them until their shipment arrives successfully inside their new homes. And without convenient access to some important everyday essentials, it can cause an endless hassle and stress levels can reach unhealthy highs.

Avoid not packing an essentials box that will contain your absolute life-savers during the moving process. This is especially essential if you're moving with a baby or a toddler and the move is long.

Here are a few tips on what to put up inside your survival kit: bottled water and sandwiches, prescription drugs, kitchen utensils, basic toiletries, spare clothes, a set of hand tools, toys, and certain items when moving with small children and/or pets.

#6: "Saving" time by overfilling your boxes

Regardless of what valuable packing tips you've heard from friends or read online, the worst packing mistakes to avoid at all costs are those regarding safety – safety for all participants in the moving process and the actual belongings that are being moved.

All things considered, not even spending more money than planned or losing extra hours while packing your stuff inside suitable containers can possibly match a tragic moving accident as a result compromised packing safety.

One of the best tips is: the heavier the items, the smaller the box, and vice-versa. Never go the other way round as both cardboard boxes and human backs have breaking points. Make sure to adjust a reasonable weight per container or box. An approximate of 50 pounds per box should do, especially when packing books.

Be sure to visit us tomorrow for the last few tips on how to avoid packing mistakes while moving house.


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