Packing Mistakes: How To Avoid Them? Part 3

Monday, May 15, 2017

#7: Leaving empty spaces in your moving boxes

Another packing mistake related to safety that people often make is to leave empty spaces in the packed moving boxes when packing highly delicate items. The reason this one is considered a common mistake, is not because there will be extra space which will be wasted, but simply because the gaps in the boxes will give the fragile items an extra chance of hitting one another, thus, creating a higher risk of damage. Such undesirable contacts can only result in chipped, broken or ruined breakable pieces.

So, don't be sparing with padding and filling supplies! Be creative and feel free to use any means of padding your items – from crumpled paper and newspapers to towels, rags, clothing and bubble wrap. Anything that may immobilize your items in the box will do. To test whether or not you've carefully packed your fragile items inside a moving box, lift the container and shake it gently. If you hear any small noises or feel things shifting inside, you will know that you may have to add extra padding or redo the packing.

#8: Going ahead and packing items you shouldn't have

Make sure you siphon out the fuel from your favorite lawnmower's tank before proceeding to pack it.

One of the common mistakes people do prior to their move, is to prepare certain household items that are either dangerous or not allowed to be transported. In order to save your time and nerves, make sure you double check with your company which of your items would be of hazardous nature. Once the checklist is in your hands, you'll be able to figure out what to do with each item well before your move-out date.

Generally, such non-allowable items fall into four categories:

Hazardous goods: substances that are flammable, explosive or corrosive that can cause damage to a person, the moving vehicle or other possessions in transit.

Perishables: In most cases perishable foods that can go bad while on the road or ruin other items.

Plants: moving your plants from one location to another might not be the best thing for them. They are quite fragile, so one of the best ideas would be to leave them to someone you know will take good care of them.

#9: Believing your memory is too good to label your boxes

Unless you're in the mood to lose hours of valuable time after relocation going through piles of freshly delivered moving boxes searching for your toothbrush or pajamas, do not be too overconfident in your memory. Believing that you will be able to remember what’s in every box without actually labeling them, is definitely a mistake you should avoid. Even if you have good memorizing skills, it's good to keep in mind that the chaotic period of moving is notorious for playing tricks on people's minds.

Failure to label and categorize your boxes correctly is a moving mistake you don't have to make. Take a black marker pen and mark each packed box with its detailed contents, the room it belongs in and special handling instructions for both yourself and your helpers. You can also use colored labels for each destination room.

Another packing mistake to avoid when moving is the delusion that you can single-handedly pack up your entire home. This is probably the mistake that can hurt you the most.

Disregarding how small and simple a packing job may seem to you, it is always a great idea to have some extra pair of hands to help you with the whole process. This way, you are guaranteed that no moving box will be left unpacked prior moving day. And while friends are the usual go-to people when it comes to moving assistance, don't make the moving mistake of assuming that packing services offered by professionals are too costly to afford. Feel free to search and ask for a couple of price estimates from professional moving companies, to later compare them and find the most reliable and suitable one to opt for, and rest assured that you will have a move as easy and pleasant as it can be!.

Good luck with your move!


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I used Centennial two weeks ago when I moved from Winnipeg to Alberta. It was my first time moving to another province, and it went very well. I was nervous because I had never moved on my own before, let alone such a long distance, but the person I talked to over the phone was very helpful, asked all the right questions and basically made me feel like I was getting advice from an old friend. When the movers came they were very friendly, professional and helpful, loading everything up on time and transporting nearly everything across Saskatewan without a scratch. I say "almost" because they scratched my dresser a bit, but stuff happens and it wasn't anything I couldn't stick a patch over. They were very apologetic about it and gave me a discount for the damage. I'm happy to recommend them.

I moved with Centennial a few weeks ago, after a good six weeks of preparation which included me and a friend doing the work ourselves. Two days before the big day I threw out my back, and my friend couldn't move everything on his own, so we hired the company last minute. Everything went very smoothly - the movers sent were friendly, helpful and professional, and had no problems taking orders from my friend. They knew exactly what to do as soon as we showed them where everything was, and all I had to worry about was what to put on the pizzas I ordered for everyone.

I moved from Toronto to Mississauga, and these guys were just about as smooth as they could possibly be. Nothing was messed up, and everything was over in about four hours. I would definitely call them again next time I move.

I've worked in the moving industry, and a lot of companies (including my former employers) seem to hire unprofessional men off the street who they get away with paying minimum wage, then advertise their service as "cheap". You get what you pay for. One of my former (professional) coworkers ended up at Centennial Moving, and when I told him I was moving from midtown Toronto to Scarborough, he got me a discount, and the difference in quality between them and my former employers was like night and day! Now when I say "discount" I mean SUBSTANTIAL discount - the company sent two movers, including my friend, and I helped them out, saving the company a fair chunk of time - but the service would have been worth twice what I paid. I'm definitely recommending them to other friends from now on.