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Why people move - Canada Movers - Best Ideas - Long distance moving services
Why people move - Canada Movers - Best Ideas - Long distance moving services

Moving to another place has always been a stressful thing for me. When I was a kid, my parents moved like 5 times because my dad was changing jobs often. My parents never considered the benefits of moving companies Canada handling the task, so those were the times of great stress for us all. 

My first independent move happened 2 years ago when I left for college. I moved from the town where I lived with my parents to a larger city and settled down in an apartment building. After I graduated I wanted to move back, but decided to approach this task with a cold mind, just not to let the anxiety take over me. 

So I started looking for reliable Canadian moving services to carry out this task, and after that was done I started packing. 

The thing I completely missed is that building owners expect the apartment to be nicely cleaned out and ready for new tenants. 

I thought I was a good and careful tenant, there was nothing that I left broken or damaged, but still, I was hoping to get my security deposit back in full. One of my neighbors who was also moving out recently suggested that I hire a move out cleaning company because those guys are doing a great job making houses look fresh and clean and as free as possible of signs of previous use.

I was really amazed by the range of services the cleaners provided. Together with the agent, we came out with a personalized cleaning plan for my apartment, and here is what was done. 


This is a general service that most companies provide, but the cleaning procedure is very detailed. During the move out cleaning process ceiling fans and lights are cleaned, baseboards and light switches are wiped off. 


I was surprised by the cleanness of the bathtub and the sink, those guys really know the secret! When I moved to this apartment, the bathtub looked very used, but now even the old stains were completely removed. The cabinets and the mirror were cleaned as well, and the whole place was carefully disinfected. 


The carpet was vacuumed and treated with stain removing substances. It really looked like new, professional cleaning got it in great shape. 


What I really liked about the kitchen cleaning is that they moved appliances and cleaned the space thoroughly behind and under the fridge and the stove. All kitchen cabinets were cleaned with grease and oil removing substances and counters were disinfected. 


The move out cleaning service is detailed, they not only clean interior windows but also dusted the blinds.


After the cleaning was completed, they took all the trash out of my apartment and even removed old broken chairs and a mattress I no longer needed. 

If anyone would ask me for moving advice I would surely recommend relying on professional services. I am very happy both with the cleaners who did everything the right way and with one of the best moving companies Canada who safely relocated my belongings back home. 

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