What is the best time to move? 

long distance movers in Yorkton | Best Movers in Canada
long distance movers in Yorkton | Best Movers in Canada

No one would argue that moving is not an event that takes a lot of effort and action to be done successfully. Every time you plan an activity, there are things that you can control and things that you can not. You may count yourself responsible for the:

  • organization,
  • preparing the supplies,
  • creating a smart moving plan,
  • arranging packing and loading,

but you can not be responsible for such things as weather. Weather is important on your moving day, isn’t it?

When you are feeling inconvenienced getting ready for the big day, the weather is probably the last thing you think about. Just think about how the weather conditions can influence your relocation.

First of all, the weather does have an effect on how you feel in general. For example, when it rains, the air pressure is low and the person’s blood pressure may drop as well making you feel completely washed out. At the time of extreme heat, the body dehydrates and the heartbeat may be faster, and blood pressure higher, which is not very good for lifting and carrying things.
Finally, psychologically people feel better when the sun is shining and there are no weather extremes. 

Canada movers confirm that summer is usually the busiest time of the year, no matter whether people are moving locally or to another province. Kids are on vacation and many people prefer to schedule their time off work during the summer months. It is one of the best moving tips, by the way, to take several days off or even the whole week when you relocate. 

If you are thinking about moving in summer, it may not be the best option, because Canada movers are booked far in advance and the rates are higher. September? September is fine, but many are busy with other things like getting your kids ready for school and re-organizing your daily routine when everybody is out for the day. Moving in October? Why not? Great idea, actually!

Moving in October

October is a great time for cross Canada moving. Think about mid-October, for instance. At this time of the year moving may have many advantages.


Many long distance moving companies and cross border movers offer discounts for moving in the fall, do your research and compare prices. 


It is, of course, not as hot as in summer, but the weather is still nice and you may enjoy being outside the whole day. You can wear light or loose-fitting clothes that allow you to squat down, bend over and carry the stuff. And there are still many daylight hours in October, so there is a chance to get done with loading the truck before it gets dark.


Do you have a lot of indoor plants? Do you have furry friends, or aquarium fish, or maybe pet reptiles? Relocation in the fall may be less harmful to sensitive items and creatures. 

Moving days are planned in advance.

If you are moving from Toronto to Calgary or to other cities in Canada, keep in mind the weather is so unpredictable that you can not (fully) trust the forecast for the week. If it rains on your moving day, there is a chance that some valuable things may get damaged. Of course, you hope for the best, but don’t let the weather catch you by surprise. 

If you are doing it all by yourself, just be prepared with a larger amount of stretch wrap. It may be needed not only for fragile items but for protecting cardboard boxes as well. Floor mats may be useful to keep the dirt out and to avoid slippery spots when you move around all day. Think about hiring long distance movers, those guys usually have all these packing materials in abundance. 

And the last thing, it would be good to get done with the moving a few days before the end of the month. There is no way you should sacrifice Halloween fun! Give your kids some time to get familiar with the new neighborhood. The fun day should not be overshadowed by relocation! 

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