Why do a lot of people choose Canada as a place to live and raise children?

Why people move - Canada Movers - Best Ideas - Long distance moving services
Why people move - Canada Movers - Best Ideas - Long distance moving services

I will tell you the top three suggestions why Canada is the number one to move to. 

In Canada there is a very low level of crime

Canada is safer than the U.S. according to statistics. It’s mostly because of gun ownership. Here in Canada people enjoy hunting, and use a fowling-piece only in the areas where it’s permitted. All newcomers in Canada moved here for a peaceful environment. This is one more reason why life here is welcoming, friendly, and peaceful. 

Canadian education and schooling system

It’s a well-known fact that the Canadian government invests in the educational sector a significant amount of funds. If you try to compare it to other countries, I’m sure you’ll be impressed. And if you just think “Why?” Here is the answer. It’s very important for Canada to have a high educational level, it ensures that all the citizens gain employment after a schooling period and will pay taxes. I would say this is a rounded system, when investing in studies will still get re-paid later in taxes. If we look deeper, a well-educated person most likely wouldn’t like to fall into any sort of criminal behaviour. And now we are getting back to the question of why it is safe in Canada.

Canada is the most multicultural place in the world. And it's true!

Canada unites all nations on its territory. Because of the Anglo-French cultural influence – Canada is the most diverse and multicultural place in the entire world. Here any foreigners can join parliament because all the people are equal, and the Human Rights here are respected to a very high level. Moreover, foreigners are not minorities here, they are accepted and respected. It helps to live and work in peace and enjoy life in full.

Well, there are other reasons, why people move to Canada:

  • Outstanding healthcare system – it’s extremely important to get adequate medical assistance, especially in urgent cases;
  • Pure and vivid nature – lakes, rivers, wild nature with deers and bears, oceans, a slightly cooler climate – it all makes Canada unique;
  • Wonderful views – if you enjoy wild nature, Canada has unique territories in the north, that will inspire you and bring peace of mind. 
  • Economic strength and stability – here, you know what to expect tomorrow, the unemployment level is very low. 
  • Tolerance and a broad-minded society – Canada accepts all religions, all the minorities, and all the nations. We vote for Peace in the world, that’s why any person is welcome in Canada.

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