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Why transporting a car from Mississauga with us?


Best Moves has been around for a while meaning that we have gathered the experience needed and have worked with a lot of car transporter in Mississauga that we can link clients with.

Quality Control

We ran thorough background checks before we bring them in. Our network also runs across the country meaning that you can get access to the TOP professional car transporter in Mississauga and across Canada.

Fast & Easy

Filling in the form takes no time, and car transporters will contact you as soon as they can. Also, they will make a point of coming to where you are in Mississauga, rather than you having to go to them.

Many Options

Best Moves sends you a list of five car transporters which gives you the opportunity to compare what they offer. The good thing is that these car transport companies are aware that they are competing against other professionals, and will, therefore, give you their best quotes.

No Obligations

Just because you filled in our forms and got a list of car transporters, it does not bind you to work with them even if they get in touch with you. If you find that their services are not what you are looking for, you could always look for others.

Tips & Guides

We have some useful tips that assist you to figure out how to go about car transport in Mississauga. This helps our clients be more prepared. Review our FAQ section here.

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How could my car be transported to and from Mississauga?

Terminal to Terminal
Car hauling (auto transport) Car Shipping - Best in Canada 2021

For pickup and delivery in Mississauga, you will be required to meet the transport truck at a commercial location. The truck driver would contact you to arrange a location. A car dealership could also be considered a terminal in Mississauga.

Door to Door
Door to Door Car Transport Service Best Moes in Canada Top Orofessional car shipping companies

Picked up and delivered directly to your residence in Mississauga. Additional fees will apply. Both trucking or driving service methods may be used. Your car will then be transported to the shipping terminal to wait for the next departure on the main transport truck.

Rail and Train Transport
Rail and Train Transport Best Moves in Canada Top professional car shipping companies 22

Your car is transported inside a special rail car specifically used for vehicles. Note: Rail Transport is only between select cities.

Open Truck Transport
Open Truck Transport Best Moves in Canada Top professional car transport companies 1 small

Your car is transported on a large vehicle transport carrier such as the ones that deliver new vehicles to dealerships.

Car transport terminals in Mississauga
  • Our car haulers have multiple transport terminals in Mississauga where your car could be shipped to or from.
  • The terminal location can depend on the mode of transport and also the city you’re shipping to/from.
  • It is best if you request a quote and then ask one of our car shippers for more details.
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Moving a Car from Mississauga?

Уour car will be transported with the best Mississauga car hauler truck. All our car haulers have frequent departures. Over 10 years of combined experience in the auto transport industry!

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If you have more questions about moving a car to Mississauga, please contact Best Moves, fill out a quote request form or read the top questions and answers at the FAQ section.

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