How to choose a moving company

cross Canada Kitchener movers | Top moving companies across Canada
cross Canada Kitchener movers | Top moving companies across Canada

When it comes to moving, personal experience really matters. This is why I asked my friend, who moved several times, for a bit of advice. My friend did a really great job telling me all the details about choosing the right moving services Toronto. 

I was relocating with a great amount of sports equipment: my both sons are hockey players, and my whole family is very active. We go canoeing, mountain biking, camping, and all this stuff could fill the whole truck. There was no way I was doing it all by myself, I wanted to hire helpers from a reliable cross country moving company

Here is the list of things that I recommend to consider when you hire moving companies Canada


It is important that the company you hire is fully registered and licensed to transport large trucks with household items across the country or intra-province. If the company is licensed it means that they meet all the industry standards and regulations. Just keep in mind that not every man with a truck can legally perform relocations. 

The cost of moving

When I contacted different province to province moving companies, of course, I was interested in getting a reasonable price for their services. I was surprised to learn that the cost may be estimated in different ways. Some companies charge by cubic feet, others by weight or distance. As I was advised by my friend, the price was more accurate and reasonable when based on the weight of your belongings

Liability coverage

Relocations are stressful. Sometimes even the most organized move can turn into a mess. Things may get broken, things may get lost. I asked companies about the insurance, and most of them have basic insurance included in the price. Options with extra coverage are usually available for an additional cost.

Hidden fees

Additional costs sometimes come as an unpleasant surprise. That is exactly what my friend warned me about, when movers did not tell him beforehand that they would charge an extra fee for stairs in his home, then there would be an elevator fee in his new apartment, and extra cost for disassembling furniture items. I think that all the details should be discussed beforehand: just look around and see if you have any special items like musical instruments, antique furniture, a hot tub, or a pool table. 


You move thousands of things. What interested me most is how the movers keep track of my belongings. Luckily, the best movers in Toronto that I was dealing with used a barcode system to list all the items. Everything was recorded and I was given a copy of the inventory list after the truck was loaded and was ready to move off from my driveway. 

Personal approach 

It is obvious that it is practically impossible to accurately determine the scope of a move with a single phone call. I contacted different movers in Toronto, and I finally entrusted my move to the company that showed that they really cared about my satisfaction. The agent literally bombarded me with questions about what type of house I live in, what kind of furniture I had, and if the members of the family had any allergies. A mover that asks questions about the contents of your home is a professional mover indeed. 

In conclusion, I may say that if you want to choose the right company, do not be shy and ask questions. Get all the information you are interested in. Talk to friends, ask for advice and feel safe when signing the agreement with the movers.

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