Cross Canada moving during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Canadian Moving During COVID 19 - Long distance moving services - Camovers
Canadian Moving During COVID 19 - Long distance moving services - Camovers

Our way of living has changed significantly since the Covid-19 virus started attacking the planet. It seems that the world is never going to be the same again. Who knows when or if Canadian life will return to full normality, and the residents have been required to adapt to the new pandemic environment. 

If we take a look at various statistics, we may notice that people are leaving big cities with a high density of population to areas with fewer people, where the risk of infection could be lower. For example, a lot of people migrated from Quebec and Ontario to the neighboring New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

U-Haul, a nationwide DIY-mover, has shared the data that clearly shows it.

Furthermore, U-Haul named the top 5 growth cities in Canada by analyzing rental truck drop-off places. Those cities are North Bay, Kingston, Belleville, and Barrie in Ontario, and North Vancouver in BC. This is a great illustration of the tendency to move to less densely populated areas. British Columbia and New Brunswick are among the top provinces ranked by migration growth.

Businesses had to adapt to the new reality, turning to remote operations. 

Many professionals had an opportunity to keep their jobs when they were transferred to an online workplace. In some industries, 70 percent of employees work remotely, for example, accountants and IT professionals. Some people realized that if they can do the job from anywhere, why not move to the place they admire or to the place with lower living and housing costs. 

The moving industry in Canada faced a powerful impact from a covid-19 pandemic. 

Against all expectations, cross Canada moving companies did not experience a lack of work. On the contrary, both provinces to province and inter-province relocations increased significantly. People continued to move during the coronavirus. 

Movers remained on the front line providing essential services during the most dangerous times. They continued to work under pressure because they had to comply strictly with government measures against the spread of the virus.  All Canada movers are constantly monitoring all the covid 19 updates to ensure the safety of the teams and the customers.  

If you are relocating with full-service movers, please consider our safety moving tips:

Safety became the first priority with Canadian movers. 

  • Take health precautions when moving objects.
  • Ensure you have a good supply of cleaning products.
  • Delay the move if you have the symptoms of Covid19.
  • Make sure there are no more than 2 people in the same room at a time.
  • Wear a mask and wash your hands regularly.
  • Watch the moving team follow the safety rules.
  • After you get to the new place, disinfect the rooms with alcohol-based solutions.
  •  Wait for a minimum of 24 hours before getting rid of your empty boxes.

Hundreds and thousands of people move despite the pandemic. If you are in this situation at this time, please follow good health practices to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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