Handling a College Haul

long distance movers in Vaughan | Best Movers in Canada
long distance movers in Vaughan | Best Movers in Canada

Each year, millions of students become high school graduates. More than sixty percent of them move on to colleges to attain degrees. In most cases, one is required to relocate from their home to the school they have been assigned to, especially if it is taking them across the country. For a lot of students, this is usually their first time living away from home, which can be a cause for stress and anxiety.

Like is the case with any other relocation, you will need to consider the possessions to bring with you in good time before the big day arrives. On average, a dorm room measures about one hundred and thirty square feet, which is often shared among two people.

Therefore, you will not need to take everything you own with you like you would when changing homes. This piece provides some of the essentials you’ll need to take with you as advised by long distance movers in Vaughan or Toronto.

  • Garments

Clothes are the most important articles to carry during any relocation, which makes them a necessary inclusion on your list of things to take. Leaving for college serves as the perfect opportunity to rid your closet of anything that you no longer wear due to either outgrowing them or going out of style. Take time to sift through your attires and:

  1. trash,
  2. donate, or
  3. sell whatever you no longer need.

You can also leave some clothes that you can wear at home when you visit or those that do not match the climate of your school’s location. For instance, if you are moving to the USA in regions like Miami or South Florida, you can leave all your winter gear back at home to Hamilton (for example).

Go through what you are keeping and decide what you want to take with you. Some of the essentials include socks, underwear, jeans, t-shirts, shoes, formal attire, pyjamas, and shorts, among others. Make sure to carry a couple of each since you may not have time to do your laundry every day.

Also, bring hangers with you to make storage of your clothes easier.

  • Toiletries

Like clothes, toiletries are accompaniments of all relocations. Some vital supplies in this category include shampoo, toothbrush, floss, soap, toothpaste, soap, lotion, and deodorant. You may also need to bring makeup, a hairdryer, and other effects that suit your routine.

Additionally, keep in mind that most college showers are shared, which makes it convenient for you to carry your own towels, flip flops, and bathrobes.

  • Cleaning tools

No matter how clean you are, you should keep in mind that dorm rooms are shared, and it would be in your best interest not to assume that everyone observes hygiene.

Therefore, bring some air freshener, paper towels, and a laundry basket to store your dirty clothes.

  • School essentials

College may be the first place you have to take responsibility for the things you need to use in class. Most university supplies can be bought once you get to school, but you can carry some basic tools if they are already at home including pencils, highlighters, scissors, tape, notebooks, and binder clips. You can also take a planner, but smartphones today allow these tools to be downloaded as apps.

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