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Moving Toronto to Moncton with Camovers - professional long distance movers in Canada
Moving Toronto to Moncton with Camovers - professional long distance movers in Canada

Quick and easy moving within Toronto or from Toronto to Regina is the dream of everyone planning a relocation. You wish all the boxes would miraculously be packed really fast and you can’t wait till you get to your new place. You hired local movers to handle the process and you expect them to be on time. You want everything to go smoothly. But there is one thing that keeps you on the alert: you live in a crowded street and you wonder if there is going to be a parking spot for the truck on the big day.  

There are so many things that can play a role during a move.

For example, your family size and the number of things you are moving. The type of your housing also matters: relocation from an apartment building in Toronto with no elevator could be more time-consuming than moving from a single-detached house in Hamilton or in Mississauga. It goes without saying that if you move from or move to a busy place, the moving process can take longer. 

Long distance movers are trying to be as fast as they can getting to your place on time. But sometimes the circumstances keep them from going faster. Driving in a large metropolitan area presents many challenges, especially for larger vehicles like moving trucks and trailers. Traffic jams can be predictable in certain parts of the city, but road construction and car accidents can be unexpected and can create serious delays. Taxis, cyclists, pedestrians, and cars parked on the sides of the road are other common obstacles in large cities. Being stuck in traffic is frustrating both for the moving truck driver and for the client waiting to relocate. All the top Canada movers try to keep up with high industry standards, but very often you just have to be patient when you face the big city reality.

Summing up, if you currently live in a busy part of the city or you are moving to a place located downtown, even the best movers will spend more time and energy servicing your move. Other people’s cars and traffic may seem unmanageable, but here are some useful tips for surviving a relocation in a busy city. 

Schedule the day of your move

With intense traffic in the area, it is a good idea to think about the date and time in advance. 

Are there fewer cars on roads on a particular day of the week? If your area tends to be quieter on weekends, you may want to look for flexible top Toronto movers available on Saturdays and Sundays. Contact several moving companies a few weeks before the designated date to make sure they are free on the day and time you selected.

Choose your truck wisely 

Don’t overestimate the load, just contact the moving company to evaluate the size of your house and the number of things you are taking with you. Long distance movers are experienced enough to know is the best size of the truck for your relocation. They consider such things like:

  • the family size,
  • the number of rooms in the house,
  • and additional storage places.

You do not want the truck to be too large or too small, it should be of adequate size. Take pictures of your house entrance and the street around, that may help your movers to plan their work efficiently.

Avoid rush hours

Most moves are scheduled early in the morning, but there may be a problem for the moving team to be there on time if they have to drive along the busy roads during rush hour. You know your area well, you should be aware of the times of the day when the roads are the busiest. Experienced local movers should know the lateral roads they can take to keep away from the traffic hustle. Of course, when you are moving long distance, every minute matters, but rush hour traffic would only increase the time it takes to relocate.

Secure a parking spot in advance

There are houses in the city that may have limited access. A narrow street, small front yard, narrow driveway, or limited parking place may cause inconvenience for the moving team.

First of all, contact the movers to discuss the type and the size of a moving truck. Make sure there will be enough space for the truck near the entrance to your home.

Secondly, reach out to your neighbors or your landlord a few days before to inform them about your situation. Everybody has to move places sometime, most people are willing to cooperate and share their advice.

Finally, secure your parking spot using road cones and reflective tape. 

Relocation to or from a crowded street is a challenge, but the situation is not unworkable. 

Rather than just going with the flow and hoping that everything gets done, it is a sensible idea to make a solid plan well in advance of your moving day. 

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