Moving in times of Pandemic

Moving in Pandemic - Top moving advice from Camovers 2021 - Best long distance movers in Canada
Moving in Pandemic - Top moving advice from Camovers 2021 - Best long distance movers in Canada

Covid 19 pandemic has brought a lot of changes in all the lives of people all over the world. It changes a lot of ways on how we live, starting from:

  • our daily routine to planning our family trips at the weekends
  • and even traveling to different countries.

Doing simple tasks like buying groceries, going for a walk in the park, going to the cinema, and even something as simple as visiting our family, friends, and relatives have been affected. This pandemic changes everything but we cannot stop our lives and we still need to move, work and live but this time with precautions and extra care. 

And you know that moving to your new house in Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver is one of the few things that you cannot postpone. Maybe you are moving

– once you start planning down to booking the best movers there is no looking back.

Before the pandemic, it was very easy for all of us to welcome movers into our house. But due to this Covid-19 we should undertake it by following the safety health protocols to consider the health of all of the people involved including yourself, family, and your movers. Moving companies are already practicing the health protocols nationwide to provide a safe environment.

Best movers, top movers, top Canada movers promote social distancing, are wearing face masks, and perform frequent hand washing to maintain easy moving flow during the move. They say it is tougher moving in winter and now the pandemic makes it as hard as it can be.

As I said, we need to learn ways how we will do it with the flow of this pandemic. Most of the companies have already learned how they are going to do the usual work in the field protecting not only their health but most importantly their clients. These are some suggestions that you can consider when planning your move.

Getting help with packing

– there are a lot of things to pack before the move and it is not an easy job, it is usually done with the help of friends or even moving professionals. Actually, this can still be done in this time by following the health protocols of your state as well as taking extra care when mingling with others.

Face Mask is a Must

– always practice wearing a mask at all times. All of the people that work during the move should wear a face mask at all times. Avoid touching your face with your hands especially if you already touched a lot of surfaces.

Practice taking a break

– wearing a mask during tough work is difficult for all of us. Remind yourself and your movers to take some breaks in order for them to regain their strength to perform better work. Just in case you need to remove your mask to feel relaxed and breathe air to lessen the feeling of irritation you can be apart at least 6 feet or more without a mask.

Doing tasks in different rooms

– all of you need to practice social distancing even when you are in the house. Working together in different rooms will make the work easier because you are already dividing the work between different people in your group. While movers are moving your stuff in another room, you can do your own thing in separate rooms. Playing music that can be heard by everyone will give you an energetic feeling while all of you are doing your own thing.

Cleanse all the surfaces

– make sure that once you are finished in a particular place cleanse it with a disinfectant spray or even wipe it with a cleansing agent to remove any virus or bacteria that are left behind.

Road trip Planning

– moving means going out. Moving locally will not require a long drive compared to long distance moving. In case you need to stay for longer hours on the road make sure you minimize yourself being exposed to other people.

Prepare food and alcohol to be brought with you

– to avoid too many layovers to buy food along the way, make sure that you prepare crackers, sandwiches, or even fruits as well as water. Also do not forget to disinfect your hands using alcohol, sanitizers, and wipes before and after eating as well as touching your face.

As we cope with this new ‘normal life’ that we are experiencing because of the pandemic, always make sure that we always look at the brighter side of it. With the help of the right moving professionals as well as careful planning before your move, the moving project will be successful. Taking extra care for everything that you do will lead to protecting not only your own health, your family but also your movers.
Being protected while doing the work goes a long way towards considering each other.

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