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long distance movers in Chilliwack | Best Moves in Canada
long distance movers in Chilliwack | Best Moves in Canada

Canada is well-known across the globe for its beauty and diversity. That’s why people choose to move cross country or cross the border to enjoy the natural beauty. Chilliwack is among the many gems in the country that support the claim. This town sits in one of the valleys in the British Columbia province with more than one hundred and thirty-four thousand residents. This metropolis is considered among the best places to settle in Canada. Let me show you the major reasons supporting the claim.

Climatic Conditions

This town experiences all four seasons, but none of them come with harsh conditions. On average, about one hundred and thirty-seven days of rain and snow are experienced, each one being mild with temperatures not dipping too low. Summer and spring, on the other hand, also come with the right amount of warmth that makes the region a popular tourist destination. On average, summer days see temperatures of about thirty degrees Celsius, and more than two thousand hours of sunshine are enjoyed annually.


Chilliwack General Hospital is the biggest medical facility in the area, and it is well equipped to service the town’s residents along with those from neighboring regions. One can get easy access to dentists, surgeon, physicians, and an array of other professionals to help with health issues.

Employment Opportunities

This metropolitan boasts a thriving economy, which allows it to table enough job opportunities to sustain its population and keep the rates of crime low. As of the moment, this rate stands at seven-point four percent, which is lower than the national average. In a recent job survey, Chilliwack topped the list of driven markets due to the ease of its navigation and an average salary of about ninety-four thousand dollars per household. Additionally, the region is made appealing by the existence of platforms like Workopolis and Indeed that help the unemployed land jobs related to their set skills.


On average, a house in this locality goes for upward of six hundred and thirty-eight thousand dollars, which is pricier than the country’s average. However, different types of housing are offered, so one is sure to find something that suits their budget.


Free education is granted to residents up until the twelfth grade and in numerous schools accessible throughout the area. Private tutoring is provided, as well. Higher education is also offered, the most popular destination for the amenity being local college, where more than one hundred and twenty-degree and diploma programs are included.


Chilliwack boasts a beautiful landscape like most of Canada, and it is made even more breathtaking by the fact that Boundary Bay surrounds the town. The sight is visible from most homes in the area and provides a perfect spot for boating, kayaking, and sunbathing.

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