Moving during a Pandemic – My own Experience

Moving in Pandemic - Top moving advice from Camovers 2021 - Best long distance movers in Canada
Moving in Pandemic - Top moving advice from Camovers 2021 - Best long distance movers in Canada

My name is Sophie, and I was born and raised in Toronto.

Six months ago, I lost my job due to a staff reduction in quarantine times. As controversial as it sounds, I got over it. I got myself together and started looking for another workplace. In about two months, I found a company, passed their online interview, and started working in their offices in Regina, Saskatchewan

To say I was shocked is an understatement. After weighing all the pros and cons, I decided to take this step and move from Toronto to Regina. Luckily, moving services were still available, so here is what I learned while moving in a pandemic.

I decided to move by car from Toronto to Regina as I have a kitten and needed to transport him. My route via I-94 W took two days, including stopping over for the night. It was an exciting trip for which I had booked the hotel in advance. 

Professional moving company from Toronto to Regina - long distance household move across Canada

And as for finding a professional moving company and a permanent apartment in Regina.

I started planning and acting beforehand. You may be wondering what exactly was involved?

  • I booked my movers online at Camovers and asked them about all the restrictions and specifics when moving a long distance during a pandemic. It turned out; the rules involved wearing masks and gloves when packing and loading my belongings, as well as social distancing from both parties. I made sure there will be no unnecessary contact on moving day. I also made sure to have enough sanitizers for my movers in an apartment in Toronto and the apartment in Regina.
  • I hopped on to and started looking for an apartment in a good neighborhood that would fit into my budget. The site provides images of most apartments, condos, and houses. It also has all the necessary contacts, and you can contact a Leasing Agent right away. I was able to rent a cozy one-bedroom apartment on Broad Street for 700$ a month. And to be honest, it is almost impossible to find suitable housing in the Toronto area at this price, so I was thrilled. The best part – I didn’t have to leave my home for a sec to find this apartment! 
  • I bought all my packing supplies in one go and purchased them new because my movers told me that recycled or free boxes wouldn’t do.

When choosing your apartment online, make sure to ask as many questions as you need. I asked about the water pressure, about appliances, about the humidity of the rooms even. It is a big step, and your new home is always a special place when moving. You always look forward to getting back into your pretty little home after being tired from work, so make sure to ask about everything that might concern you. Renting your apartment and booking your movers online can be a little risky, but it is so much faster, and it saves you so much time. 

Well, those were some crucial steps on my list, but I had other ones to do too.

Because I was moving to another province, I had to:

  • Apply for new health care and a new driver’s license. I had to register for prescription drugs too. I had 90 days to change my existing documents according to Saskatchewan’s requirements. Once in Regina, it was much more accessible. I did all the procedures online and just went and picked up my new insurance and driver’s license once ready.
  • Change my home services. I switched to local internet, electricity, and water providers as soon as I moved – SaskTel, SaskPower, and SaskWater.

All I now see is the good side of my move from Toronto to Regina. My relocation gave me a job I enjoy, new experiences, and meeting new people who became friends. They say it’s challenging to make new friends after a certain age, and in Regina, I got convinced otherwise. Of course, I will miss all my old friends in Toronto, but thanks to the internet, thanks to the internet we can talk and exchange news every day.

The city is full of historical and cultural buildings and lovely parks. And, of course, another great side to this story is that despite the hard times we face, my move was safe, and my movers took all the measures to ensure this safety.

Professional moving company from Toronto to Regina - long distance household move cross Canada

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