Moving To The USA

Toronto cross-border moving company Ontario - Best Moves - Canada
Toronto cross-border moving company Ontario - Best Moves - Canada

Every year, a certain number of Canadians make the big move to the United States. This is a transition that can be both thrilling and taxing as one is now going to a new country and setting themselves up for new adventures. Nonetheless, without proper preparation and the necessary papers, this relocation can turn out to be quite hard. Whatever your reasons are for the move, some forms and processes require to be gone over before you are allowed across the border. Due to this, moving to the USA needs one to contract a Toronto cross-border moving company that is of good standing to aid them to take care of all the details. In case you are not aware of what you will require for the move, a couple of things include:

  • An up to date Canadian passport
  • An approved work/immigration visa that will let you live in the United States.
  • Filled in 3299 form.
  • A complete list of what is in the truck.
  • For automobile importation, one must complete form HS7 for all the vehicles.
  • A valid I-94 record which will be given to you by the CBP once you are across the border.

Apart from these, other documents might be needed, depending on why you are moving to the USA. The above is a short list of what one might require for a normal move. Nonetheless, be prepared as the CBP officers may ask for other forms. It is always better to get to the border before the moving truck that has your possessions, that way you can be able to take care of any documentation and paperwork needed for immigration before their arrival. This makes for a smooth transition, and since you will have handed in all the forms, all the officers will do is carry out a routine check of the truck once it gets there.

Another thing to note is that sometimes there are U.S Duty Fees that are levied on some things getting into the country. Household and personal objects are let in, just as long as they have been in your possession for over a year, and sometimes proof of ownership is needed for certain things. If you are planning on buying items for the new abode before the move, then it is important to remember that you will be asked to pay duty on those things once you get to the border. Large appliances and furniture will also have to be paid for if you are coming in with them.

If there are any antique goods, it is advisable to get a written appraisal before the relocation. Objects less than one hundred years old could be taxable, and the border officer may decide to charge for that or not. Alcohol brought in may be taxed as well.

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