Eight Ideas On Planning A Move With Children

Local Movers Banff AB - Best Moves - Residential moving services Canada
Local Movers Banff AB - Best Moves - Residential moving services Canada

It does not matter if the children are toddlers or teenagers, keeping the moving process interactive and fun for them is crucial in making them feel at ease and enjoy the trip. Below are some amazing ways by Local Movers Banff AB that will assist you to do just that.

  1. Get their opinions on the new residence when moving locally

Show them photos of the houses you are looking at, and if they are old enough, get them to tag along when you go see them in person. Ask what they think of the place and talk over the options that you have. If it is possible, get a home that is comfortable for all of you.

  1. Purchase new bedroom décor

A good way to make them feel like they are part of the move is to tag them along while you go interior decoration shopping. Let them pick out the colors they want and then pack them in their box that they can unpack in the new house.

  1. Plan a goodbye get-together before the moving day

This gives the kids an opportunity to say goodbye to their friends and other family members while making it a fun occasion as well. They may still be sad, but at least they will have a good memory to attach it to.

  1. Come up with a memory board

Put together a memory board or a collage of their favorite things and items from the old place. This will help them feel like they still have a part of the old life with them and keep them happy and at ease. You could then hang it in their room once you arrive at the new house.

  1. Stick to routines

Being put in a new place may be an uncomfortable situation for the kids, so stick to routine as much as possible. This helps them feel like there hasn’t been too much change. Nonetheless, some things are bound to fall out of place so when this happens, do not panic, and let things flow. Deviating from the normal a little bit is okay.

  1. Make unpacking a fun activity

You can place parts of puzzles in the boxes and have the children help find them as you unpack. This keeps them busy as the puzzle only gets completed when the last box is unpacked so go for a puzzle that is big enough.

  1. Plan a family camp out in the new home

During the first night at the new house, create a camp in your living room. Set up a tent and bring flashlights to make it feel like a real camp. This will help one have some family time with the kids as well.

  1. A good idea from local movers Banff AB: create an indoor scavenger hunt

This can be a great way to familiarize them with the rooms and the corners of the house and how the layout looks like. Go through the place beforehand to check if there any dangers, and if not, go ahead with the game.

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