Pulling Off a House Warming Party

Abbotsford movers in Canada | Top moving companies in Canada 2021
Abbotsford movers in Canada | Top moving companies in Canada 2021

Few things offer a satisfaction similar to having completed relocation with the help of Abbotsford movers in Canada and had all your possessions arranged in their respective places. Once you are all settled in, you may want to have a get together to show your close friend and family where your new residence is and have some fun after a stressful event. We table some pointers on how to pull off the party seamlessly.

Send Invites

It won’t be a party if people do not know that it is going down in the first place. Therefore, begin by sending invites to the necessary people. Make sure that you make a list of people that will be right for the kind of event you want to pull off. It is recommended to be picky with those that come over so that the right vibe is set from the get-go. You can choose to have a theme for the gathering or not. If you do go with a theme, make your invitees aware and specify whether they are required to dress accordingly.

Inform Your Neighbors

Giving your neighbors a heads up is essential, especially if the party is expected to get loud and they live nearby. When going to pass the info, take a gift to them as an apology in advance of the noise they might have to endure on the big day. The package can be something small such as muffins or chocolates. It can also serve as a platform for the beginning of a thriving friendship with them. Extend an invite to them as well if they happen to be free on the chosen date.

Prep your home

Make sure that your house is ready to host before people start arriving. Take all fragile belongings out of the way or those that might pose a danger. Give enough space for people to sit without being squeezed or others lacking a spot altogether. Some space should be allocated for setting up a table for refreshments along with a dancefloor. Stools and other flat areas should be placed around the apartment so that your guests can easily find a spot for their food and drinks if they are walking around.

Utilize Space

If your new home comes with a patio or yard, extend the party to space. This will give you a chance to host your invitees comfortably while allowing them to exploit the outdoor weather if the environment allows. If the party extends into the night, have some candles or other forms of lighting to ensure the space is well-lit once the sun goes down. If you have a yard, it would be an excellent idea to have a fire and let people gather around.

Serve Appropriate Food

Most house warming events revolve around enjoying yourself in the company of your friends. Therefore, the last thing you want is to spend most of your time in the kitchen, cooking complex meals. Lean towards the simpler sides with foods that are easy to make like hotdogs and sandwiches, or bites that can be bought in the store like chips.

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