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Ottawa Long Distance Moving Services - Best Moves
Ottawa Long Distance Moving Services - Best Moves

Relocation to a faraway place is never stress-free. It can weigh heavily on anyone intending to move. Sometimes even with prior preparation, the task can be very nerve-wracking. The timeline given below will aid in planning a far-off relocation many days earlier.

Two Months Ahead Of The Moving Day

  • Make a list of every item in the home. Arrange them in three groups: retain, give away, vend. It would be better to dispose of as many things as possible. Relocation is easier if one has few things to move.
  • Determine where every piece of furniture will go in the new area. This will help keep your spirits up as you look forward to the move.
  • Secure all relevant documents such as travel documents and government records for every member of the household including animals.
  • Make calls to learning institutions in the new area to ensure learning is not interrupted.
  • In case there is a need for storage space, make arrangements to move the items. This is a great option when moving to a smaller home.
  • Plan to make final repairs and touch-ups in the new abode.
  • Confirm plane tickets dates and times if traveling by air rather than by road.
  • Research the best long distance movers in Ottawa and get price estimates.

One Month Prior

  • Change mailing address in all places that require it to send you important documents and items. Request posting to be done in the new address.
  • Make changes to your insurance to have the items in the new abode covered.
  • Handle the utilities in the new house such as telephone, internet, among others. You can also set a shut-off date for those in the old house.
  • Begin to package all items that will not be needed.
  • Verify both the move-out and move in dates to ensure that there will be no hitches.
  • In case you will be traveling by air, buy plane tickets now to ensure you get great prices.

Two To Three Days Ahead

  • Take care of all medical requirements. Inform health service providers of your intended relocation and ensure that you send all relevant medical files to the new healthcare providers.
  • Organize to get a new driving license and car registration more so when moving to a different state.
  • Pack up some more things.

One Week To Relocation

  • Take apart beds and huge furnishings the night prior to relocation to make transporting smooth. When using movers, ensure that they have proper directions and contacts.
  • Remove all appliances such as the refrigerator from the sockets.
  • Package all items that are used daily into a single box to ascertain that you have them close by and available when needed.


  • Confirm carefully that everything has been packed. Use the inventory to assist in confirming that nothing has been left out.
  • Make arrangements to have someone available at the old house to handle the movers. Ensure they also have a list of things that will be moved by the movers.
  • Give back the house keys to the landlord or agent.

When The Items Get To The New Home

  • Go through the entire home to ensure that all is well and everything works well.
  • Go through the checklist to confirm that every item has gotten to the new place. Check that none of them got ruined during the journey.
  • Once confirmation has been done that everything got there safely, begin to unpack and enjoy the new home.

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