What to Organize When Moving to Nanaimo

Movers in Nanaimo | Best movers in Canada
Movers in Nanaimo | Best movers in Canada

Among the most commonly posed questions by people who opt for a full-service moving company is what they can pack and what they can leave for the experts. When packing for a move, a lot of things need to be considered to find the answer to this question.


Choosing to organize your belongings yourself does go quite some way to save you some coin. However, this can only be considered factual once everything is cleared of damage or loss after the move is complete. The biggest advantage of hiring an expert team is that they come with the skills and knowledge of how items should be handled. Even so, you can go ahead and put away some items yourself such as important documents, jewelry, and other belongings that hold value but are not cumbersome to handle yourself. The company’s insurance does not cover anything that you pack for yourself.


Despite the number of items you are packing, having the correct materials is key to ensuring their safety. If you are working on a budget, you can get cartons from local stores at a low price. However, it is advisable to contact movers in Nanaimo for quality containers, most of which come at a fair price. Other items that are required include bubble wrap, tape, markers, and many others.

In the case of items that come with big price tags or are too fragile, it is recommended to get the help of professionals with the expertise to handle the specific belonging. This option should be considered in the case of items such as China, antique pieces, large electronics, and art among others.


The entire process of relocating takes up a lot of time, most of which is accounted for by the organization of effects. In most cases, the amount of time taken is usually more than what is anticipated. Therefore, you can base your decision on how much time you can dedicate to organize things. If the required tools are in place, you can have a go at it. However, if you don’t and also happen to be short of time, you can leave most of the work to the experts.

Personal Effects

Have a look around your house determining what is too personal to leave for the moving team to pack. Organize the items yourself well before the movers show up. That way, you can avoid uncomfortable scenes when they start arranging the items.


Choosing to hire a full-service moving company to help you with your relocation can be a matter of preference. Admittedly, renting the services of professionals and auto transport comes with the upsides of having your items packed and hauled carefully and in a timely fashion. Reach out to movers Nanaimo and vet your options for the best one.

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