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long distance movers in Quebec City | Best Moving Services in Canada
long distance movers in Quebec City | Best Moving Services in Canada

Everyone knows that moving is stressful

It is always a very big event, no matter how large or small your premises are. 

Cross country moving is a goal, and you can reach it with less hassle if you come up with a clear plan. One of the most popular and working strategies is dividing your goal into portions. Once you have a list of smaller tasks, it is easier to tackle them! 

Of course, moving is very personal and may depend on many things like your family size or the number of things you want to relocate. 

It is always advisable to arrange with professional movers to take care of the heavy load. Keep in mind that the best moving companies Canada are booked well in advance. Get quotes from several businesses, compare prices and learn more about the services, check each company’s reputation and reviews. 

Province to province moving companies provide specialized equipment, so your possessions are in safe hands. Here you will find the list of things you may be interested in when planning a move.

Services we offer for cross-province moves

We are a reliable professional moving team with years of experience. 

Our staff has committed customer support agents that deal with issues you may be concerned about.

  • We offer complete packing of your belongings or partial packing of the items of your choice. 
  • We provide the protection of floors and carpets during loading and carrying. 
  • Our movers can disassemble furniture before loading and reassembling upon request.
  • We wrap furniture and electronics for extra protection of your valuables and also protect walls and doorways.
  • Extended insurance coverage is available at an affordable price. 
  • Inventorying and labeling each item to be moved, with the list of records to ensure everything is offloaded from the truck.

Cross country moving company covers many tasks, but there are other things you may want to consider before the moving day approaches. Here we have come up with a handy checklist.


  • Are your children big enough to take part in the move? Older kids can be great helpers, of course. If your kids are young you may arrange a babysitting service, because it is too stressful for them to be there all day. 


  • Pets are part of the family, but they can become anxious, too. With people moving around all day they may show signs of nervousness. It is a good idea to keep your pets in a quiet place or ask a trusted friend to watch them for a while. 

Delivery services

  • Don’t miss your meal kit, daily newspaper, or monthly subscription boxes. Notify the supplier of the change of address. 

Online services

  • Your residence address is an important part of your profile in online banking and government services. You may miss important mail if you have an incorrect address on the file. Post office offers mail forwarding service upon request as well. 

Clean up

  • You may have a pile of household items, furniture, and clothes that you decide to get rid of. Remember, your trash is someone else’s treasure! Instead of throwing things away, hire a removal company. Many of your belongings will be upcycled and reused or given to charity.

The key to a successful move is staying organized and focused. Keep all the moving-related files and lists in a separate folder on your computer. Stay calm and be prepared for some last-minute changes.

Camovers will help you with your cross border or long distance moving process

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