Conducting Craigslist Sales

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Cross Canada Moving Company | Best Moves

Craigslist lines up as one of the most prominent online market places across the globe with operations running in more than seventy countries. With more than forty million visits from unique members in thriving operating regions, this online platform serves as the perfect place to expose your product at the click of a few buttons. However, even with such a significant advantage backing its use, Craigslist also serves as a convenient operation point for scam artists and other criminals. If you are planning a relocation and end up with several items you would like to sell after decluttering, you can apply some measures to ensure your safety and effective sale of your products. That way, when your chosen cross Canada moving company come to pick up your goods, they only haul what you need. Below we list some pointers that come in handy when carrying out such sales.

Create the Perfect Post

Before you can apply any safety measures, it is essential to make your post-effective enough to attract as many potential buyers as possible. One of the ways this can be accomplished is by creating several listings at a go. For instance, you can list furniture multiple times alongside chattels that can go with each piece, such as cushions and blankets. Even if you choose to place each possession in its own post, link the sales together by placing hyperlinks beneath the description of each item. Keep in mind that large pieces such as furniture and electronics do well on this platform while smaller ones thrive best on others like eBay. In the description, use top of the range language that is clear and precise. Preferably, lean towards the use of bullet points, which allows buyers to see all necessary information even if they are skimming through.

Once the description is ready, take good snaps to go with it so that users can get a clear picture of what you are talking about. Ensure that the photos are taken in good lighting so that all the details can be seen. Do not leave out the imperfections since it shows your honesty in business conduction.

Stay Safe

As much as Craigslist serves as a marketing point for your products, the exchange of the item is bound to happen physically. It is highly recommended to have someone accompany you during the transaction, even if it is happening in your home. Craigslist provides some pointers on how you can avoid harm including:

  • Conduct the trade in a public place where the risk of being harmed is low.
  • If the business has to occur in your home, keep yourself within sight of your neighbors and have some people with you.
  • If you leave in an apartment building, do not disclose your house number.
  • Request to make the delivery with two or more of your pals in the company.

Once you are sure of your safety, insist on dealing in cash rather than card payments. Virtual transactions are the most targeted by fraudsters. Physical payments assure that you will have the money in your hand once the deal is done rather than being met with the surprise of bounced checks or failed transfers.

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