How I survived my moving day.

Why people move - Canada Movers - Best Ideas - Long distance moving services
Why people move - Canada Movers - Best Ideas - Long distance moving services

I hate relocations, to be honest. So many things to do and a lot of stress. Every time you have something missing or broken. And it always seems that things are not going according to plan. 

I have moved quite a few times in my life and every time I realized that panicking never did me any good. I always prepared for the worst and every time something unpleasant happened. This time I wanted to do it differently. The changes are unavoidable, this is why I needed to make some concrete steps to alleviate the stress. 

Firstly, my experience shows that the long distance moving process takes more time than you expect.

After my family made a decision to move into a newly built condo in a quieter area of the city, I started making all kinds of moving lists I could think of:

  1. the list of things to change or repair;
  2. the list of bills to pay;
  3. the list of services to cancel;
  4. the list of things to get rid of;
  5. the list of necessities;
  6. the list of moving services in the area.


I assigned the task of packing and handling heavy items to an experienced moving company.  It saves time, because they know all the hacks and carry out their service fast. To save energy and stamina, we just did minor packing ourselves. We agreed on the time and the date of the move and I promised myself not to worry about the team being late. 

I pictured our moving to be fast and flawless!

I made sure that 24 hours before the big day all bills were paid, all renovations finished and all the wardrobes and cabinets were emptied. Everyone went to bed early trying to get a decent sleep – the alarm was set for an early start. 

I can truly say that we had a wonderful and relaxed morning. We went out for breakfast and were back home an hour before the moving team was expected to arrive, so we decided to take a walk around our crescent and say goodbye to our neighbors. We had a nice stroll along the street and the weather was so tranquil. Later we just sat on the deck and talked, and did not realize that the truck from the moving business we booked arrived 40 minutes later than it was scheduled. 

Apart from that minor inconvenience, all went rather smoothly.

I must admit that I was very well prepared for this move. When the moving team arrived, there were just a few things still out of the boxes – sheets, blankets, pillows, and bathroom items that we used in the morning. Everything else was ready to go.

I removed the front door and the bedroom doors from their hinges because it made it easier and safer for the movers to take the furniture out of the house and load it into the truck. The movers arrived well equipped with moving blankets and protective floor mats, so I did not have to worry about the floor protection.

Every time I previously moved I could not remember where I put this or that item. This is why I decided to write down the names of those things on the boxes in which I put them. Not all the things, of course, but those that I may need most when I arrive in my new home. And of course, I labeled all the boxes with their destination rooms.

Actually, there was one thing that I missed. The shoes! 

I forgot that I should wear my most comfortable and sturdy shoes for the big day. In the middle of the day my feet felt sore and a bit swollen, so It took me a while to dig through the stuff that I already packed to get my favorite old sneakers. Comfortable clothing and footwear are really important for such a busy and intense moving day. 

All in all, I am happy with how it all went. Moving long distance is a big matter, but why not break it into smaller tasks and deal with them one at a time! Smaller tasks add up to make a big move, but if you are prepared, there is less anxiety, that’s for sure! 

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