What if one day I decide to move to Hawaii?

Moving to Hawaii - only the Best cross border movers in Canada - long distance moving services - Canada to USA
Moving to Hawaii - only the Best cross border movers in Canada - long distance moving services - Canada to USA

Last year, my best friend and her husband moved from Montreal to Ewa Beach, Hawaii. I started thinking about living in Hawaii.

Moving from Moncton to Ewa Beach, Hawaii

The first question that came to my mind was, “what is Ewa Beach, and where exactly is it?” So, let me tell you. Honolulu is Hawaii’s capital city on the main island Oahu. You can reach Oahu, Kapolei, Pearl Harbour, and Schofield Barracks. Schofield Barracks is a bit further, so it’s best to avoid rush hour; in that case, you can get there in around 2 hours.

The island has different sides with different climates. The friendly community of Ewa Beach is on the Leeward side of Oahu. The weather here is hot and dry, but this location is safe from Hawaii’s trade winds and rains. The temperature here is pretty high. Summer brings an average temperature of 32-35°C, while winter mornings can be as chilly as 17°C.

Housing and Schools

My next question was all about houses, schools, and healthcare, as these are some of the most important aspects to pay attention to when moving.

Ewa Beach has affordable housing by Hawaiian standards that come in different sizes and at different prices. Townhouses here cost around $300,000 – $600,000. Single-family houses usually come with three or four bedrooms and at least two bathrooms. These houses retail from $600,000 to $1,400,000. If you rent an apartment or house here, you will meet prices from $1,500 to $4,000 a month. I’d like to tell you about Ewa Beach’s best neighborhoods:

  • Hoopili. This area is mainly inhabited by young people and offers a wide selection of houses at different prices. It also has other recreational options, like parks and dinings. The costs for homes here vary from $350,000 to $920,000.
  • Ocean Pointe is another neighborhood that offers townhomes and single-family houses. The prices here are higher, from $500,000 to $850,000. But homes come with two-car garages and ACs – true gems for Hawaii. 
  • Hoakalei is probably Ewa Beach’s most important neighborhood. Most houses here are Luxury Homes. You can buy a lovely house here for a little under $1.4M.

Whether you want your child to go to a public school or a private one – Ewa Beach can offer various options for you. Among the best rated Ewa Beach schools are Holomua Elementary School, Ewa Makai Middle School and also deserves your attention James Campbell High School.

Medical Centers

Queen’s Medical Center West Oahu provides Medical care at Ewa Beach. Also, you can find there a DLS Laboratory and a physician’s office building, dental practices, and acupuncture centers.

Moving to Hawaii - only the Best cross border movers in Canada - long distance moving services - Canada to the USA

I asked my friend What is there to do in Ewa Beach?

And here are some of her answers:

  • Go to White Plains Beach. Whether you go with your family or by yourself, it’s a great place where you can spend your time under the sun. You can learn to surf here too.
  • Take a train ride. That’s how you can enjoy the surroundings of Ewa Beach and learn about the history of this place and its connection to the sugar business. These rides, usually 90 minutes long, are provided by the Hawaiian Railway Society.
  • Golfing is very popular in Hawaii. You can spend time at one of Ewa Beach’s many golf clubs, such as Hawaii Prince Golf Club, Ewa Beach Golf Club, and many more.
  • Go Shopping! Ka Makana Alii Mall is a new retail mall in Oahu. It has famous brands like H&M, Bath and Body Works, etc., but the best part about this mall is its restaurants. Ewa Beach has two pet stores – Petco, and The Pet Depot, numerous hardware stores, drugstores. Shopping here is easy and accessible.
  • Discover Restaurants! Every year more and more new restaurants open in Ewa Beach. Some of my friend’s favorites are Kountry Style Kitchen Restaurant, which serves local dishes in large portions in a home-like atmosphere. Teddy’s Bigger Burger serves fantastic gourmet burgers and delicious milkshakes. Or Spoon Korean Kitchen, a modest restaurant with truly delicious Korean food. You’ll be able to find the food just right for your taste.

So, if one day I decide to move to Ewa Beach, I’ll be exposed to incredible views, sunny beaches, and an amicable community. But before planning a move, maybe it’s just about time I give my friend a visit?

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