Best 5-seater SUVs in Canada for your family

Moving to Alberta with Camovers - the best long distance movers in Canada - residential and office relocation - Climate
Moving to Alberta with Camovers - the best long distance movers in Canada - residential and office relocation - Climate

Let me show you the top subcompact, compact, midsize, and full-size SUVs that people choose in Canada when moving long distances or for everyday life. 

We all need comfort, performance, and convenience when moving from Toronto to Vancouver, Calgary to Quebec, or just driving to the local grocery store. 

How to choose the best SUV that accommodates all of your driving needs?

In my opinion, in first place is - Toyota Highlander.

You can have 7 or 8 seats as an option, for example moving long distances across Canada with your lovely family, or with a bunch of friends to the lakeshore. Toyota Highlander is a true leader in safety features and horsepower! And an additional feature, if you like the idea is to use the adjustable 3rd-row of seats! New design, fuel-efficient, up to 8 seat capability, and 306 horsepower! You might ask me: “What could be better?” 

Let's see who is in second place. Well, it's a Honda Pilot!

The capability is just like in the Toyota – 7 to 8 seats. The main thing is the V6 engine, it provides impressive acceleration on Canadian highways. When moving long distances across Canada, you might have a lot of heavy items, Honda Pilot can power tow up to 3,500 pounds! I would say the most important to me is all-wheel drive (especially in the snowy Canadian winters)! Even more, it has huge trunk space when folding down the back seats. The Pilot SUV might remind you of the Honda Odyssey, but it performs way better and has greater capability and power. 

The third SUV is - Chevrolet Traverse.

Why do I want to point it out? Just look: it has a 3-row seat with the seating capability of 7 up to 8. When you are moving long distance from Toronto to Regina with your large family and a dog, you will enjoy the comfortable cabin, many different safety features, and plenty of space inside. Remember it has a V6 engine with below-average fuel efficiency. If you think about the engine power it tows up to 5,000lbs and is one of the most powerful SUVs. Chevrolet Traverse – is a perfect option for moving long distances, moving across Canada, or just across the city. I would choose it for sure, but let’s see what I have for you next. 

Line four on my list is reserved for Subaru Ascent.

Again 7-8 seats – perfect for a large company, or for a big family. This model has a brand new 3-row seat, and it’s very comfortable when you have small kids and pets that travel with you all the time. Subaru Ascent is well known as a mid-sized SUV, and from what I know Canadians choose this SUV pretty often. The engine is turbocharged, the towing power is 5,000pounds. If you are planning to travel long distances, move across Canada, then the Subaru Ascent is your perfect choice, it has four-wheel drive!

You can drive anywhere, it handles off-road adventures when moving across Canada.

Line five - Hyundai Palisade!

Let’s see why one of the newest SUVs is in my list lined up and is one of the best choices. Hyundai Palisade has a large capability of 7 to 8 seats lined in a three-row seat. This is an affordable SUV and has medium to large-sized seats as an option. When moving a long distance from Toronto to Calgary for example, you might need more space for cargo. If you fold down the backseats it has over 500 liters of trunk space to relocate your precious belongings with ease. If you are just planning a family trip somewhere close to your hometown, Hyundai Palisade will impress you with engine power and a nice design inside the cabin. I would say – perfect choice with the best price on the Canadian market. 

To summarize, I do recommend choosing a large SUV. Having extra seats, a powerful engine, fresh design – will give you exactly what you need when moving long distances, locally, or travel across Canada.

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