Facts About Alberta

Moving to Alberta with Camovers - the best long distance movers in Canada - residential and office relocation

This city is found in the western part of the country and is surrounded by the Canadian Rocky Mountains to the west and vast grasslands and wildernesses to the east. The north has the Northwest Territories, and to the south is Montana with which is shared an international peace park (Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park).

Moving to Alberta with Camovers - the best long distance movers in Canada - residential and office relocation

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What’s included in a full service move?

A full-service move in Alberta is a perfect choice when you don’t want to take on the physical tasks involved in a move. A professional moving crew will come to your home or office to resolve all moving difficulties. A full-service move includes:

  • Qualified and experienced drivers
  • Basic value protection (included by default in your quote)
  • Packing/unpacking services
  • Load, shuttle, and unloading your household goods
  • Disassembly and reassembly of your furniture
  • Moving supplies and equipment
  • Vehicle transportation
  • Stress-free relocation and a good mood 🙂

Camovers are here for you to handle the time-consuming details of your move to or from Alberta. Be sure, expert movers will help you to find a moving company that suits you the best.

Population and geography in Alberta

Over four million people reside in the province with most of them living in Calgary and Edmonton. It covers an area of six hundred and sixty-one thousand square kilometers which is about two hundred and fifty-five thousand, two hundred and fourteen square meters. The place is recognized as a grassland area, but the landscapes vary from mountains, glacial lakes, and huge woodlands. There are also over two hundred and forty-five rivers and six hundred lakes.

Climate in Alberta, Canada

There are usually four seasons, and the town has the most comfortable weather. During summer, temperatures are between twenty to twenty-five degrees Celsius (sixty-eight to seventy-seven degrees Fahrenheit) but could go up to thirty degrees. For the winter, these temps range from negative five to negative fifteen degrees Celsius (twenty-three to five degrees Fahrenheit) and can go as low as negative thirty to negative forty degrees Celsius (negative twenty-two to negative forty degrees Fahrenheit).

Moving to Alberta with Camovers - the best long distance movers in Canada - residential and office relocation - Climate

Parks and wildlife in Alberta, CA

Alberta has twenty-seven thousand, five hundred and twenty-five square kilometers (ten thousand, six hundred and twenty-seven square miles) of land that is protected in more than five hundred places which include seventy-five provincial parks. There are five national parks which take up another sixty-three thousand square kilometers (twenty-four thousand square miles) with three of them being UNESCO World Heritage sites.

There are also over five hundred species of wildlife, with the big seven being elk, moose, bighorn sheep, grizzly bear, bison, cougar and wolf.

Health and insurance in Alberta

The city’s health-care plan does not cover out-of-province visitors, so be sure of your insurance before relocating.

Alberta Taxes

This is the only province in the country that does not have a provincial sales tax (PST). The government charges five percent goods and services tax on some procurements.

Speed limits in Alberta, Canada

These are in kilometers per hour and are marked by signs on roadsides. If there is no marked limit, it is best to keep to the provincially set ones.


The economy was one of the best as it was held by the burgeoning petroleum industry as well as agriculture and technology.

Moving to Alberta with Camovers - the best long distance movers in Canada - residential and office relocation - Sport

Moving to Alberta, Canada

Since there are plenty of employment opportunities, low taxes, and good education, more people are choosing to move to Alberta. If you are considering doing the same, get a quote from Camovers because we have reputable, certified, experienced, reliable, professional – the best moving companies in Canada.

People choose to go on a haul for different reasons. Whatever yours is, we advise getting the best movers to assist you. Our well-trained crew will be able to help all the way from packing, to transportation, and even offer unpacking services.

At Camovers, we specialize in performing a wide range of moving services, including:

Our streamlined services are available across Canada, so don’t hesitate to contact us whether you’re moving from your home near the University of Alberta, or need us to relocate your items to your new residence near the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary.

Alberta is just one of the provinces across Canada. You can also depend on us for full-service moving in New Brunswick, efficient cross-province moves in Ontario, and the leading long-distance moving services in Manitoba or British Columbia. Contact Camovers now and enjoy a hassle-free relocation.

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