Moving To Edmonton

This city is strategically placed in an area where there is staging oil sands operations and diamond mining. It is also well known because of all the diverse festivals that are held here all through the year. The town also has the biggest mall in North America and has a population of close to one million.

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The climate and weather of Edmonton

The weather is usually cool and the town experiences all four seasons with the temperatures fluctuating. The coldest month is usually January with the temperatures being around negative ten degrees Celsius. The hottest one is July, and the temperature goes to eighteen degrees Celsius.

The city is home to three hundred and seventy-five neighborhoods which are further separated into seven geographic spaces.

Schools of Edmonton

Three public school districts take care of elementary and secondary schooling for both English and French speakers. Apart from the government funded ones, there are private elementary and secondary. There are also higher education facilities such as universities and other colleges.

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Employment in Edmonton

What people do not know is that there are over fifty-seven billion in products in the area, with thirty for billion being from the gas and oil industries. The town is second in the world to Saudi Arabia when it comes to oil reserves, and this sector provides a lot of jobs.

Apart from that, people get employed in other industries such as IT, banking, software development, biotech, and retail. The unemployment rate here is a little over five percent, which happens to be less than most places in the country. A good thing to also know is that the income is twenty-six percent over the national average.

Edmonton cost of living

Due to its nearness to oil resources, the town has the lowest gas prices in the country. Getting home is also relatively cheap as the monthly rent for a fully furnished one in an up-class place is only one thousand six hundred dollars, with the utilities totaling two hundred and thirty-nine dollars. Food is quite expensive, but in general, most of the individuals who live here can get by as the income before tax is around forty-three thousand dollars.

Transportation in Edmonton

Since there isn’t much congestion, the people who reside here prefer to get around the city in cars. There is a transit system that does get busy, but because of all the delays it experiences, people are put off, and therefore only a third of the dwellers use public transportation.

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