Moving Montreal to Toronto

Moving from Montreal to Toronto with professional moving companies in Canada

If you are looking for professional packing, moving, and storage services for your move from Montreal, QC to Toronto, ON, you have found your professionals! 

Moving from Montreal to Toronto with professional moving companies in Canada

Moving cost from Montreal to Toronto

 Based on our wealth of experience, we can predict an average moving cost from Montreal, QC to Toronto, ON, around $1103 to $3150.

How will our professional movers protect your belongings from damages during a move?

Hiring a reputable and reliable moving company for your move can be the best decision you’ve ever made. Instead of doing all the hard work by yourself, you can just stand aside while the professionals pack, assemble, disassemble and lift your furniture.

Here are several ways our movers will protect your belongings during a move:

1. Movers pack the items appropriately regardless of their number, size, and features. At Camovers, you will find skilled and experienced packers. They will wrap up and pack all your possessions safely. Besides, not only the standard moving boxes will be used, but professional packers will bring also:

  • Wardrobe boxes,
  • Mirror boxes / Picture boxes,
  • Dish barrels, etc.

2. Moving blankets. There is no movement without those blankets; each blanket provides excellent protection for your household goods.

3. Professional movers and drivers. It’s the whole point of moving: your stuff is in Montreal, QC, and you need it to be in Toronto, ON. Our moving members will provide you with the superior service and attention to detail necessary to protect your belongings from damage in transit.

Important: if you are not sure that you can disassemble and assemble furniture without damaging it or without a significant investment of time – contact professional movers.

How to get from Montreal, QC to Toronto, ON?

There are several ways if you want to get from Montreal, QC to Toronto, ON. We are going to describe the significant routes!

By plane

For a start, you should take a bus from Montreal to YUL Aéroport Montréal-Trudeau. The route will take about 31 min. The Flight from Montreal (YUL) to Toronto (YYZ) will take approximately 1hr 30 min. And the final push will be a train from UP Express Pearson Airport to Toronto, which takes 25 min. In general, you will spend about 3 hours 42m for a trip. In addition to being the fastest mode of transport, it also has several other advantages:

  • Flying is still statistically the safest way to travel, and the exposure to danger is lower than in other modes of transport.
  • A long trip by bus can be very uncomfortable, on an airplane you can truly relax and enjoy the spectacular view through the window.


A trip by train from Montréal to Toronto Union Station will take 5 hours 20 min. It’s an excellent option for your trip! Here are several reasons:

  • Traveling by rail allows you to take as much luggage as you can carry without extra fees. Even if our moving company hauls most of your property, you will have to carry all the essentials with you. For a large family, traveling by rail is an excellent option, unlike air travel, where you should pay an extra fee for the luggage!
  • Eco-friendly travel. Train travel is much greener than flying or driving; you’ll lower your CO2 emissions by half.
  • You won’t hear annoying: “Turn off your phones!”. Watch a movie, post live updates, or get some work done. It’s all possible on board the train.


Your journey from Montreal, QC to Toronto, ON by bus will take approximately 6 hr. You can book a ticket here. Why you should travel by bus:

  • Today’s buses are a delight. Sleep, eat or socialize if you’d like.
  • Numerous companies offer door-to-door services, a safe method to travel directly from where you are in Montreal, QC to where you want to be in Toronto, ON.


Do you not want to use our car shipping services? Then traveling by car might be the best option for you. Your ride via ON-401 W will take 5 hr 20 min. Another reason to handle the wheel by yourself:

  • Enjoy the sights. Get a sense of the country you’re traveling across. Drive through the villages and towns. Pay any attention to your surroundings!
  • You have total flexibility and no schedule to follow. Eat delicious food at restaurants, enjoy the scenery, spend a night at the hotel! You are free!

What should you tell your moving company before booking?

Many elements need to be covered before your moving day. Movers want to know:

  • The layout of your new home. Let your mover know if there are any stairs, sharp turns, or other access restrictions that will make it hard for them to get belongings in and out.
  • Truck accommodations. How will the truck be accommodated in the new area? Will the car fit in the parking? Will there be a free parking space as long as movers need it?
  • If your home is any stairs, sharp turns, or other obstructions that will make it hard for them to get belongings in and out – notify your mover in advance.
  • How many floors are in your home? With this information, movers will be able to bring along the proper tools, equipment, and as much manpower as needed for an efficient move.

I need to mention that this information should be provided about both locations: Montreal, QC, and in Toronto, ON.

How will professional movers protect your home from damages during a move?

Everything is packed already. Your house is full of boxes, and you are wondering how it is even possible to take out all this bunch and not damage the house? Camovers is here to answer that question!

  1. Our professional movers will cover your floors with floor runners to protect you from nicks, scrapes, or dirt.
  2. Any tight corner that a mover might potentially hit would be padded. Sharp edges and corners on your furniture would be padded as well.
  3. The staircase is one of the most vulnerable points in every house. Lifting heavy items without damages will be possible because we will cover the stairs with furniture blankets.
  4. Speaking about heavy furniture. Professional movers would not slide it across the floor – it can rip or shift and ruin your floor. Lifting or tilting heavy objects is the best option.

Professional moving companies at Camovers will cope with any difficulties!

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Additional packing checklist for garage/storage shed

The way of packing of garage/storage shed may differ from other rooms. I am pretty sure that your garage is full of things you should get rid of or adequately pack.

  • Dispose of flammable and hazardous materials. There is no place in the truck for paint, fertilizer, weed, or roach killer.
  • Pack lawn furniture cushions: pack them properly; such things could damage other boxes.
  • Wrap items like a hammer or saw in towels, then put in the tool chest.
  • Try to take up as little space as possible: Deflate your pool toys. It will be much easier to pack them.
  • The items requiring gas should be drained: Drain the gas before transporting your grill or mower. Gas is a hazardous substance that may cause an accidental fire or minor explosion during transportation. Please, no dawdling; remove the gas tank from the grill and turn it in before the movers come.

Do you need free packing and moving boxes?

Moving is expensive. But I know how to save extra money! It’s no secret that once someone in your town completes their move, they won’t need their moving boxes and supplies any longer.

  1. Websites such as Facebook MarketplaceCraigslist, and NextDoor Neighborare filled with people giving away free moving supplies.
  2. The easiest way to get free boxes is by asking people you know. Many of your friends, coworkers, and family members have some old moving boxes.
  3. Ask around if there are boxes in stores near you. Book stores and grocery shops are full of cardboard boxes on the delivery day of goods. Usually, those boxes are immediately disposed of, but it never hurts to ask for them.

Do not forget to double-check the quality of the boxes you choose before taking them home. Damaged or dirty boxes will not be suitable for packing your personal belongings.

What to do after moving day?

One hour after moving

  1. Leave a moving review. Sometimes this could be the best opportunity to thank your hardworking movers and a whole moving company for their job.
  2. Start unpacking (if our movers haven’t done it already). Make sure you know where your essentials are.
  3. Set up your beds and the bathroom. Do you know where to find your sheets, pillowcases, and towels? I bet you don’t want to look for this at midnight.

After the first night in your house

  • Go grocery shopping. There’s so much to do after moving to Toronto, ON! You will need strength for the following days. Buy some familiar but healthy food and put it in the fridge at your new home. Believe me – your stomach will thank you.
  • Make sure all public utilities are working. Being without electricity or water in your new house doesn’t sound like that much fun.
  • Change the locks at your new place. I dare you don’t want to be robbed.
  • A little party never killed anybody! Invite your neighbors to a housewarming party. It’s a great way to make new friends.
  • Get to know your Homeowner association. Make sure you know all aspects relating to policies about pets, lawn care, and monthly dues.

You’ve made the right choice calling in Camovers!

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