Moving Windsor to Penticton

Moving Windsor to Penticton with Camovers - professional long distance movers in Canada

Do you want to change your environment, go to university, find a better job, or make new friends? In any event, Penticton is a beautiful city; you will love it!

Moving Windsor to Penticton with Camovers - professional long distance movers in Canada

I’ll help you to start your relocation project

Well, you have chosen a wonderful city to live in, but you probably have no idea about how far from Windsor it is? I’ll tell you this and much more.

Let’s begin with standard information like price and distance: pricing starts at $1560 (tax included) and ends at $10200 (tax included). The driving distance between Windsor and Penticton is 3,638 kilometers. You can get there by three ways:

By Car 

If you have a car, you probably want to move it to a new town. You can trust your vehicle to the professional auto transporter, carry it inside the truck along with your belongings or drive it yourself. In the last case, your journey via I-94 W and I-90 W will take approximately 35 hours.

By Plane 

Flying is the best option to save your time. Spend 10 hours on the trip instead of 35 hours.

  • Fly from Windsor International Airport to Penticton Regional Airport. Most flights have changed in Toronto/Calgary/Vancouver, be attentive choosing tickets. 

By Train and Bus

Do not be upset if, for some reason, you can’t drive yourself or fly by plane. You’ll love traveling on public transport.  Let me list some benefits of public transportation:

  1. Traveling by public transport, you can reduce air pollution
  2. Public transportation helps to keep traffic congestion lower
  3. Saves money
  4. And last but not least: it’s much safer. Do not worry about the road and traffic; you are in professional hands! 

The total duration of the journey is two days, so fill your bags with snacks and favorite books 🙂

Please, read how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 before your trip.

Professional moving companies at Camovers will cope with any difficulties!

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May I give you some ideas on how to get ready for moving day?

Set a plan from the beginning to the end of your moving journey

Having a moving plan is always a good idea, especially when such an important and exciting process is about to take place. It is why it’s essential to start planning the moment you know you are moving from Windsor to Penticton. Write down the tasks you need to do before the moving day. Keep in mind to add notes. I usually use a notebook or desktop folder. You can gather all required information like

  • schedules,
  • moving company contacts,
  • landlords contacts,
  • insurance information, etc. 

Schedule your movers as early as possible

My advice is to book your long-distance movers as early as possible. It’s OK if you are unsure about the exact amount of stuff you are moving to yet. As long as you provide the size of the house you are moving out of and the desired destination, our movers will give you a quote and will reserve a moving team for you. 

Try to make your move during an off-peak time.

I believe you already know about peak and off-peak periods for moving companies. I always recommend saving some cash by getting the information about those off-peak periods. Usually, they are around the middle of the week or the middle of the month. If this time suits you, then it’s a good idea to set a plan with your moving company. 

Here’s how you can make your moving inventory in 4 easy steps:

Don’t worry; making an inventory when moving from Windsor to Penticton is not rocket science. – Just follow my helpful steps if you are a little confused about where to start.

Step 1: Structure your list.

I do it this way: divide the piece of paper into three columns or make a three-columned table on the computer. The first column of the list will have the name and brand of your item. The second one will have its condition. And the third one will have the estimated value of the item. (Do it for each room in your house.)

Step 2: Go room by room.

The inventory has to include every item in your home, so start with one room and write down absolutely anything. And don’t forget to give enough details about each item. For example, you have a bookshelf in your room. Start listing everything you have on it: the numbers of books (write separately if you have valuable books or collector’s items), framed pictures, knick-knacks, etc.

Step 3: Assign each item to a room.

If you are going to put some items in the same room in your new house, write it on the top of the list’s page. In case you want to change their location, I recommend making a note about the new room. 

Step 4: Take photos or record videos (optional but highly recommended).

In addition to your inventory, photos and videos of your items are welcomed. You can print your pictures and attach them to the list. In case you decide to record videos, I offer you to make one video per room and save a copy of all your progress on a flash drive.

Let’s discuss moving insurance and valuation protection

I want to tell you – Yes, your long-distance moving company indeed has to take liability for the value of your items. But you should be aware that there are two different types of protection. Each applies additional charges and provides different levels of protection to your goods. Let me explain to you:

Number One. Complete (Replacement) Value Protection:

This type of plan is an all-inclusive one, which means that your mover assumes full responsibility for any item that has been damaged, lost, or destroyed while being in transit. Under Full (Replacement) Value Protection, your mover has different options on how to act. The first option is to repair the item until it’s in the state before moving or pay you the amount necessary to fix it yourself. The second option is to replace your item with a similar quality one or pay you the cost required for you to replace the item.

With this plan, your movers have the right to limit their liability for the loss or damage of items of extraordinary value. I want you to remember such include items that cost more than $100 per pound, like:

  • Jewelry
  • Silverware
  • China
  • Furs
  • Antiques
  • Rugs
  • Electronics, etc.

Important: if you are not sure that you can disassemble and assemble furniture without damaging it or without a significant investment of time – contact professional movers.

Your mover has to repay or replace your valued goods only if you listed them specifically in your moving contract. Before you move, it is your responsibility to be informed about this type of liability. Remember that you should ask your long-distance movers for all the details of this limitation before signing a contract.

Number Two. Alternative Level of Liability:

The first things to know about this option are that it’s free – so therefore budget-friendly and that it provides minimal protection only. This type of liability covers only $0.60 per pound of article. So, for example, if your 10-pound stereo component is valued at $1,000 and got lost in transit, your mover would be liable for only $6! You multiply the number of pounds by 60 cents, which is quite unfortunate in a scenario like that. As this minimal protection is free, you will not get charged for it, but you will have to specify it in your bill of lading. Otherwise, your items will be transported under full (replacement) value protection, and thus you will be charged accordingly.

Here I want you to check several factors that affect car shipping quotes when moving from Windsor to Penticton

Of course, you should keep in mind that there are various factors that contribute to the final cost of your car shipping. Some of them are: 

  • The size and weight of your car – You have to know that there is a limited number of carriers your chosen car shipping company has. Moreover, there is also a limit to the weight these vehicles can carry. This is why, as a rule, the heavier your car is, the higher the cost of moving it.
  • The time of year – As a matter of fact, the demand for car shipping services is highest in the summer. Yes, the cost of your car moving will be increased. This is why, I would recommend, you might want to skip the summer period for transporting your vehicle. Or when your moving date is between Memorial Day and Labor Day – it’s better to change the moving day.
  • The distance traveled – When you move your car across Canada, get ready to face quite a hefty bill. The cost includes and largely depends on fuel charges, labor costs, and tolls. This is why people who move their car locally will have to pay significantly less than those who have to move their car a distance of hundreds of kilometers. 
  • The make and model of your car – Transporting specialty vehicles like sports cars, classic cars, other luxury cars require special attention. All our car shippers are qualified professionals. There might be a higher service cost. Check the prices with your movers directly.
  • Insurance needs – The company that is transporting your car should already provide insurance. If you are looking for any extra insurance, you will have to buy it separately. It will also add to the cost. I want you to make sure to ask your car shippers about their policies and what areas exactly do they cover before purchasing additional insurance.

I will help you get your pet ready for moving

I know how important pets are for each owner and that moving your pet across the country might be quite the task. Before proceeding, I recommend that you take your pet to the vet. Not only will you get a suitable checkup before leaving your current place, but you will also take all of your pet’s documents and medical history. Inform your vet about your relocation, as he or she might give you any advice on calming methods for your pet during the move. 

Here are more ideas about your pet’s documents. You’ll have to check them as well to make sure they correspond with the state’s guidelines. You should have everything your pet needs on hand when you will move. Keep in mind that the best way to travel with a pet is by car, though.

I have the best tips for protecting your hardwood floors during the move

I know that so many people forget about an important thing when they are moving, that we consider our duty to point it out and discuss it in detail. The thing I am talking about is hardwood floors. Yes, right, we tend to get so concerned with getting the best furniture that we neglect the importance of our high-quality flooring. It is an investment for the comfort and longevity of your home. I will present you with four tips that will save your floors while moving.

  • Cover Your Floors

I consider covering your floors a crucial thing before moving any of your furniture. It will protect your hardwood floors from scratches, dents, and scrapes, therefore adding value to your already sweet home.

  • Don’t Drag Your Furniture

As I mentioned earlier, covering your floor is an important step, but dear friend, nothing will save your floor if you drag your heavy furniture across it. Trust me, NOTHING! Removing heavy objects damages any type of floor; this is why it is so essential for you to use dollies with rubber tires for carrying lightweight items and to use furniture sliders for the heavy ones. If you can just pick them up and take them, it would be even better. Another tip I’d give regarding heavy furniture is to cover the bottoms of your table with protective felt and the edges with protective cloth. 

  • Take Care About the Weather

I want you to remember to be more cautious about the condition of your floors when it’s raining or snowing outside. Why? Because you don’t want any water, salt, or mud on them. It’s not only about the visual aspect of things, but soil or excess water can have a much more damaging impact on your floors than you might initially think. So I recommend solving this problem by having a good trusty mat at the front of the door and encourage every guest to wipe their shoes before coming in. 

  • Measure Beforehand

It cannot be stressed enough how important measuring your doorways, furniture, and rooms is. I know it is pretty easy to skip it and wake up to trying to fit a too-large couch into a too-small opening. You have been there, done that, and let me tell you, not the most incredible experience! Or you can drop your furniture while realizing it doesn’t fit into your room. And you know who is going to suffer as well? Exactly, your precious floor.

Personally, it’s not easy to change the floor, it’s better to protect it. I believe my helpful tips will save your foot while moving heavy and bulky items.

Who should you hire when moving from Windsor to Penticton or other locations in British Columbia?

At Camovers, we specialize in performing a wide range of moving services, including hassle-free local moves, professional cross-border moving, and the best cross-province moves in Windsor, Penticton, and other Canadian cities. Our streamlined services are available across Canada, so don’t hesitate to contact us whether you’re moving from your home near Ambassador Bridge or need us to relocate your items to your new residence near the Princess Margaret Secondary School, Penticton.

Windsor is just one of the cities we serve in Ontario and across Canada. You can also depend on us for full-service moving in Calgary, efficient cross-province moves in Vancouver, and the leading long-distance moving services in Toronto. Contact Camovers now and enjoy a hassle-free relocation.

Professional moving companies at Camovers will cope with any difficulties!

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