Facts About Ontario

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Ontario is Canada’s second-biggest province, and it spans out to over one million square kilometers (which is about four hundred and fifteen thousand square miles) and has a population of over thirteen million. Ontario covers eight hundred and ninety-four thousand, six hundred and thirty-nine square kilometers (around three hundred and forty-four thousand and ninety-two square meters) on land. When it comes to water, Ontario has one hundred and seventy-seven thousand three hundred and ninety-eight square kilometers (sixty-eight thousand four hundred and ninety square meters) of it.

Ontario Long Distance Moving Services

From this, in Ontario is about two hundred and fifty thousand lakes, and they contribute to a fifth of the world’s freshwater.

City’s Symbols

The flag of the area is known as the Red Ensign and has a Union Jack which is there to represent the city’s associations with Great Britain. It also has the Coat-of-Arms of the province which is made up of a green shield with three golden maple leaves ascended by the banner of St. George that is a red cross on a silver background. This banner, just like the union jack, shows Ontario’s close relations with Britain, as the colors green and gold are Ontario’s official colors, with green symbolizing the land. On top of the shield is a bear, with a moose and a dear holding up the shield; all to show that there is animal life in Ontario.

This shield was given by Royal Warrant of Queen Victoria on May twenty-fifth, eighteen sixty-eight, and the crest, supporters and the motto which translates to “Loyal she began, loyal she remains” given by King Edward VII on February twenty-seventh nineteen zero nine.

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Weather in Ontario

The province’s climate is thought to be continental, with temperatures going from humid in the lower regions, with cold winters and warm summers, to sub-Arctic in the higher places. Because of how vast it is, temperatures fluctuate from area to area, and they are given officially n degrees Celsius. The coldest month is usually January and the warmest July.

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Economy in Ontario

Ontario is the country’s leading processing center and is home to a lot of main American manufacturers, which is brought about by the fact that the United States is just across the lake. These water bodies also give easy shipping access from the west. Because of all this, the town is the wealthiest province.

Environment in Ontario

The best part about this area is that the land is rich and fertile all through the south and southwest areas. An unbelievable fact is that the southernmost point, Pelee Island is only fourteen miles north of San Francisco. Since Ontario are long temperate growing seasons and amazing farming soil, there is an opportunity to cultivate almost everything. There is the Niagara zone which is known for fruit farms and vineyards.

Rules of the road in Ontario

Any data that one wants regarding highway and road conditions can be gotten from the Ministry of Transport. They have a twenty-four-hour toll-free number which is 1-800-268-4686. Driving while under the influence is illegal. A driver’s license from any other country can be used but only for three months. Freeways have a speed limit of a hundred kilometers per hour(sixty-two miles), ninety for the Trans-Canada routes, and eighty kilometers per hour for rural highways and country roads.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) patrol the highways, and one can contact them locally through any of the regional toll-free numbers. If in Ontario is an accident that has led to someone being hurt, or property worth more than two thousand dollars getting destroyed, one is required to contact the police and stay there until they come.

Tourism signs in Ontario

Ontario has brought in a new system of special signs that show a large variety of tourist attractions. The blue and white signs point to the nearest allures.

Relocating to Ontario

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