Moving To Victoria

This city is described as fun and easy-going which gives visitors and residents as well a feeling of permanent vacation. The perfect weather comes from its strategic position in between mountains, and even though it is known for being the home of many retirees, there are also quite a number of post-secondary students. If you are thinking of settling here, below is some more information about the place.

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The weather here is idyllic, which is why so many people like the town. The summers and winters are mild with the average summer temperature being twenty degrees Celsius and the winter being four degrees.

Victoria neighborhoods

Victoria has thirteen official neighborhoods with downtown being the busiest as that is where most of the bars, restaurants, and shops are.

Transport in Victoria BC

There is the Victoria Regional Transit System which runs the town’s local public transportation network that has double-decker buses that have been serving the area since the year two thousand. There is no commuter rail service because the city is small, but there are a handful of inter-city routes.

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Victoria Schools

Most of the public English-speaking schools are under The Greater Victoria School District. There are also a couple of private specialized institutions which Chinese or Catholic students attend to. Additionally, there are three post-secondary schools.

Economy in Victoria BC

This is flourishing and varied, and it has helped the rate of unemployment go down to four point six percent. Technology, tourism, education, and government dealings have contributed greatly to the economy. Nonetheless, there is an issue of qualified workers in non-technical jobs being underemployed.

Employment in Victoria BC

There are a lot of different business opportunities that one can pursue here especially in the technology sector, provincial and federal government offices, and the naval base. Apart from that, there is a lot of marine, forestry and agricultural research carried out and you can get a job from this.

Victoria cost of living

Victoria has a moderately low cost of living in comparison to the big towns in the country. What makes it expensive to reside here is the real estate whose costs have risen in recent years due to high demand. A three-bedroom flat goes for one thousand eight hundred dollars a month, but the good thing is that utilities are averagely priced and so one can save money on this.

Best place for cycling!

For individuals who are avid fans of cycling, or enjoy the occasional cycle with the family over the weekends and holidays, then this is the perfect spot for them. This town is the cycling center of Canada, and it has some bike paths which makes it safe and convenient.

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