Moving To Antigonish

Antigonish has come a long way from its Acadian and Gaelic routes to become the gem of the highlands in Nova Scotia. The region is well-known for being an educational and sports stronghold in Canada, which makes it among the most diverse areas. The town is also a sight to see with green hills all around that are home to vast farms. The shoreline stretches add a beautiful touch to this ancient metropolis that offers uniqueness in its views and living standards.

Weather Conditions in Antigonish

Antigonish is generally cold with temperatures ranging between eighteen-point four degree Celsius for summer and negative five-point eight degree Celsius for winter. A lot of rainfall is experienced in the area even when the dry season comes rolling in. Such conditions make it conducive for farming and food production all year round.

Antigonish Citizenry

This small locale holds a population of about five thousand, one hundred and ninety residents, which makes it among the least populated in the province. Even so, it carries numerous amenities that make it a hub for even other communities surrounding it. Recreational facilities, education, and health are all easily accessible in the area.

Financial System in Antigonish

Numerous local businesses run successfully in this small town, but none of them can be termed as the main industrial sectors that have a significant impact on the revenue of the region. White collar jobs are the primary employment with most of them coming from the health and education industries.

Taxation in Antigonish

The tax rates in Antigonish are accommodating in comparison to those of other regions across the country. Resource and residential tax are set at one-point zero nine dollars per one hundred dollars of taxable assessment while that of commercial properties stands at two-point six one dollars. A fire levy is also included at three-point three one cents.

Antigonish Learning Institutions

As earlier mentioned, Antigonish is known for being home to a lot of students from across Canada and the globe. The region is home to the St. Francis Xavier University, which is well-recognized internationally for its strong education values that is home to not only some of the brightest minds but also world-class athletes.

A range of other schools is also provided from kindergarten to high school in both the public and private sectors.

The education system is also intensely focused on extra-curricular activities such as sports, which has seen the erection of numerous facilities to support the activities. Students and residents can indulge in a range of activities like

  • swimming,
  • rugby,
  • hockey, etc.

Cultural Richness in Antigonish

The Acadian and Gaelic roots are celebrated in this region with lots of art and crafts practiced by a large group of creatives. Art classes and exhibits are in plenty in Antigonish where auditions, performances, and concerts are held.

Moving to Antigonish

Antigonish is welcoming with beautiful countryside views and well-carved paths that make moving around easy. Antigonish Movers are on the ready to ensure that your relocation goes seamlessly beginning with the provision of a free quote.