Moving To The Pas

This community is one of the oldest and among most beautiful places to reside in Northern Manitoba. It is home to one of the three blue lakes that are great for outdoor escapades. Its nature is the most attractive thing you can ever interact with.

It’s approximately six hundred kilometers northwest of Winnipeg; and for four hundred of those kilometers, there is a lack of service. At Fairford; which is almost the central point, there is a warning for motorists that they should be ready to be on transit for 180km minus access to gas or food.

It has an approximate population of five thousand five hundred people. It gets visitors every other time due to its vital role as a northern hub. Another factor that leads to the many visitors is its borders like the Opaskwayak Cree Nation, which has about three thousand people living on reserve.

The climate in The Pas

It has a humid continental climate with long cold winters and short warm summers. It has a seasonal temperature range is between −19.1 °C (−2.4 °F) and 18.1 °C (64.6 °F), resulting in amplitude of 37.2 °C (67.0 °F).

Sports in The Pas

Hockey is considered the most favorite game in this community. They have hockey teams such as the OCN Blizzard,  and leagues like the Manitoba Junior Hockey League. Numerous other groups represent this region in different leagues and games.

Housing and property taxes in The Pas

Just like any other place in the world, taxies in The Pas are essential for providing services to the community. The Town of The Pas helps in facilitating tax collection activities on behalf of provincial schools and Kelsey School Division.

Tax notices are sent out mid-year and are due on the last day of Aug. Taxes paid are to cover a period from January to December of that year. There is a one point two five percent per month penalty added to fees that are not paid in time; that is by the due date, which is August 31st.

If you own something for the first time, you are entitled to pay property taxes even minus notification. Any realty owner who does not get a statement should contact the Property Tax Clerk.  If you do not adhere to that, you may be penalized.

Education in The Pas

It has a public school; Kelsey School Division, which consists of two elementary schools, one middle school, one alternative curriculum school, and an adult learning Centre and one high school. There is also a K-6 school and a junior high/high school located on the Opaskwayak Cree Nation. The town is the home for the main campus of the University College of the North.

Jobs by Industry Sectors in The Pas

At The Pas, the industry and job sector can be categorized into 3:

  • The Primary area – responsible for producing raw material; for example Agriculture.
  • The Secondary sector – they reproduce raw materials into goods; for example manufacturing.
  • The Tertiary sector – they provide goods and services to business and consumers; for example Retail.

Industries and positions are classified by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS):

  • Only 2% of the jobs in the region are in the primary sector of agriculture, forestry, fishing, and
  • Close to 9% of the jobs are in the secondary sectors of Construction and Manufacturing.
  • A whopping 79% of the jobs are in the tertiary sector.
  • 45% of the posts are in industries traditionally funded by the government (Education, Healthcare, and Public Administration.

Infrastructure in The Pas

The Town is currently rolling out a plan on infrastructure renewal strategy for the repair and replacement of various roads, back lanes.  Water and Sewer lines are also part of the infrastructural development that is in the offing.

Moving to The Pas

The Pas is somewhat silent but therapeutic. It is a commercial center that attracts many visitors from the more remote communities in the area. Currently, a little over five thousand people live in this urbanite, with a majority of them being natives. The Clearwater Lake Provincial Park, situated northwest of the town, is an excellent place for hiking. If you wish to reside in the city, you can have some of your time spent along Highway 10 or the Sam Waller Museum. The exhibition hall is located in the former courthouse, and one can see relics from the indigenous tribes: the first settlers and the trappers who played a significant role in the growth of The Pas.

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