Facts About New Brunswick

This town is located on the Atlantic Coast of the country and has a lot of forestries, with around eighty percent of the place encompassed by woodlands, moose, bears and more wild animals. The people here are very friendly and are welcoming to people relocating and visiting as well. To the south, English is the spoken language. However, there are a fraction of communities in the north that speak French, making New Brunswick Canada’s only bilingual province. The area is home to around seven hundred and fifty thousand individuals.

The climate in New Brunswick

During the winter, the weather is cold, and there is a lot of snow. The summers are not hot but are mild and pleasant.

Demographic trends

Most of the young adults were drawn away to the central towns because of the better pay. Nonetheless, people have started taking up commuting, so they still have homes in the area.

The economy in New Brunswick

The province’s economy relies on resources such as forestry, mining, and fishing. Other sectors that contribute are tourism, agriculture, small- scale engineering and the service division.


A lot of the trades in the area produce foodstuffs, paper, and wood. A number of them deal in metal items, mineral products, and apparatuses. Apart from that, several computer software companies also have their headquarters in New Brunswick.

Services, labor, and taxation in New Brunswick

One of the major services in the town is tourism since there are a lot of natural and cultural sites to be seen, which gets the attention of a large number of people. Apart from that, the advances telephone system and bilingual structure have brought in the telemarketing industry, and thus many call centers have been set up, with the government aiding the efforts of the information technology industry.

The town gets most of its revenue from taxes such as corporate, personal income taxes, capital, value-added sales, real property, gasoline and fuel taxes, and one on tobacco.

Health and welfare in New Brunswick

A good thing about the place is that there are plenty of modern hospitals that have specialized facilities and equipment. Hospital and medical care are funded publicly and get aid from the provincial sales tax. For social services, they are handled by the provincial government, with a housing authority set to make homes for low-income families and the elderly.

Moving to New Brunswick

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