Moving to New Glasgow

With nine thousand and seventy-five residents, New Glasgow is a peaceful riverside town located on the North side of Nova Scotia. It acts as the central business district for the Pictou County, which has a populace of forty-five thousand, six hundred and forty-three. Significant investments in the city include; infrastructure, commercial growth, ecological stewardship, city center regeneration, cultural, multiplicity, planned collaborations and regional teamwork, health and lifestyles, the inventive economy as well as security. The factors listed together with core amenities and improved communications create the platform for economic, environmental, holiday business, tradition, and social sustainability and progress for this city.

New Glasgow was founded by Scottish settlers in 1784. It was named after Glasgow, Scotland. This town was once a throbbing shipbuilding center. Currently, it is the merchandising service complex for the region with dynamic economic and skilled sectors. Since time immemorial, the people of this town have excelled in various fields including; education, business and free enterprise, inalienable rights, sports, music, recreation, and the three arms of government.

New Glasgow Climate

The climate in this town is humid continental. The winters are cold and snowy while the winters are filled with warmth and are humid. The highest temp ever recorded in New Glasgow was thirty-six degrees Celsius on the 10th of August, 2001 and the lowest being negative thirty-nine degrees Celsius on February 2nd, 1961.

New Glasgow Economy

Multiple activities take place in the heart of this urban settlement. Goods and services are sold across the city in businesses such as; eating joints, nightclubs, apparel stores, pharmaceuticals, furnishings departmental stores, finance institutions, governmental offices and a marina on the waterfront. Some of the chain stores that are well-known in this region are; Sobeys, The Brick, and Canadian Tire, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sears, Staples, among others.

Growth is evident around the Highland Square Mall /The Westville Road with a new Walmart opening around this region in 2007. The 2nd largest Canadian Tire Store in Nova Scotia is found in this jurisdiction. The Farmers Market in Glasgow was expanded in November 2015 through the monetary help of ACOA. It is now a host to seventy vendors and over one thousand eight hundred visitors weekly during the peak season which starts in May and ends in October.

New Glasgow Major Employing Corporations

A combination of small, mid, and large scale corporations allow this city to thrive. There are several commercial, business districts, and services. They include:

  • The downtown core
  • Westville Road
  • East River Road
  • Stellarton Road, and
  • Business Park.

This town is also the home of Maritimes Northeast Pipeline Central office, a regional office, the regional Library Headquarters, Aberdeen Regional Hospital, and Ballantyne Fuels, among many other firms. Major car dealership and financial establishments also operate within this municipality.

New Glasgow Sports

The New Glasgow John Brother MacDonald stadium which was formerly known as New Glasgow Stadium hosted hockey tournaments such the Nova Scotia Major Midget Hockey League. The Maritime Junior Hockey League saw this place as a home, but they are currently playing at a different location. Team Pepsi presently The Crushers were based in Halifax until 2004 when Weeks Hockey or acquired club and moved it to this city. This team is among the top league draws in recent times.

New Glasgow Transport and Industry

New Glasgow residents draw their traits and share reserves with those who settled in Pictou and are known to be an active group. Coal mines within this locality fuelled the industrial growth of the region and made it a hub for rail lines. The geographical positioning of the town on the East River made it appropriate to create docking space for ships. To date, this town thrives in industry and transport. Steel that was forged in this locality and neighboring Trenton made its way to both local and international markets. The building of the 1stTrans-Canada highway opened up this town to borders and clientele.

New Glasgow Activities for Visitors

It is advisable for one visiting this town to go on foot if they want to savor the beauty of the locale explicitly. A river running through the town has seen to it that some of the original constructions are on the shores lines. On Temperance Street, the Carmichael Stewart House Heritage Museum gives a better view of this town. The museum if once the home of shipbuilders but now acts as the home to various historical identities of the region. Melmerby Beach Provincial Park is a to go place during the summer boasting of a change house, canteen, warm waters, and a beach. It is popularly referred to as Merb’s by the locals. If you are considering changing location within this town, New Glasgow movers will be essential to help you understand the necessary tools and services that you will need.