Third week of traveling in Ontario

Moving to Stratford ON with Camovers - local and long distance movers in Canada
Moving to Stratford ON with Camovers - local and long distance movers in Canada

We continue safely discovering the province. Here are my travel destinations for one-day-long trips in Ontario for week 3. Grab your mask and a friend, pack your bag, hop in the car, and let’s go!

First on the list – Stratford

Very well known for its annual Theatre Festival, Stratford has a lot more to it besides. The festival is known worldwide and gathers people from all around the world. I want to show you this beautiful city!

It’s only 150 km away from Toronto; it takes me about 2 hours to arrive here. From its City Hall and art galleries to its beautiful gardens and Chocolate Trail, Stratford is not only Justin Bieber’s hometown. It has some rather fun places to see. 

I recommend checking out Stratford Perth Museum, which re-opened on March 15th!  It has a variety of exhibits, and you might discover something interesting about the county’s history. 

For nature lovers – choose a walking tour in the city’s gardens. There is even Puck’s Plenty – a foraging tour; it was a very unusual experience to me. I’ve saved the most significant part for last. It might sound corny, but I kept the Chocolate Trail for last. Maybe I am biased because I’ve got a sweet tooth, but this trail offers you the possibility to visit about 27 locations and choose one thing from 6 of your favorites. If you think your choices are limited to chocolate bars only, you are wrong. Any type of chocolate to chocolate coffee beans or chocolate balsamic vinegar is an option for anyone. And by the way, if you’re a savory lover, there is also a Bacon & Ale Trail for you.

There are different options of what to do in the city. You can also just walk around and see what catches your eye. It doesn’t matter how much time you plan to stay; you have to see Stratford City Hall before you leave!

Next spot – Royal Botanical Garden

Did you know that the Royal Botanical Garden is the most extensive botanical garden in Canada? It is pretty close to Toronto, only 64 km away. It means it will take you less than one hour to arrive here. 

Here you will find more than 2 thousand species of plants located in 5 different garden areas. You will get an unforgettable experience if you come during the warmer months. You ask me why? Because hundreds of trees and flowers blossom, creating a fairytale-like view. I think closer to May, you will witness Redbud, Magnolia, Iris, Lilac flowers all in full bloom, just to name a few. 

If you decide to come here during the wintertime – you won’t regret it. The Garden has 

a Cacti and Succulent Collection, a Mediterranean Garden, or an Orchid Display accessible year-round. It’s one of the best features of the Royal Botanical Garden. In my opinion – you can come here during any season, and every time you will find something to admire.

Have a relaxing weekend at Wasaga Beach

A wonderful sandy beach in Ontario, Wasaga Beach is pretty popular among tourists and one of my favorites. The distance from Toronto is 147km. I get here in about an hour 45m by car. At Wasaga Beach’s coastline, you’ll have gorgeous views of Georgian Bay. 

I like Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, which houses the largest freshwater beach in the world. If you want the numbers – it is stretching for over 14km with several Beach Areas. Here you can find any type of entertainment. From water sports and trails to restaurants and shopping spots – it has it all. 

But what fascinates me the most about this beach is that every time I come here, I forget that I’m in Ontario. The only difference between this beach and an exotic tropical island beach is the water temperature. Yes, it’s still Canada, as the water is not that warm. But in the summer, it still works out just fine. I like Beach Area 4 – as it is a bit more relaxed than, for example, the first one (the commercial beach area) or the second one (the family beach area). It also has the best views in my opinion and a nice picnic area. 

Wasaga Beach is a great place to spend your weekend, or just one day if you need to escape from the urban rush and relax a little bit.

Moving to Wasaga Beach ON with Camovers - local and long distance movers in Canada

Next Discovery - Brantford

Brantford is a small city in southwestern Ontario, about 100km away from Toronto. I think you heard of it as the “Telephone City” because one of the residents of this city invented the first telephone here – Alexander Graham Bell. I’ll tell a bit more about him in a second, but the city has much more to offer. Brantford has: 

  • museums, 
  • fun recreational activities 
  • shops
  • other historic sites, and is generally a pleasant place to visit. 

Of course, I have to mention the Bell Homestead – Bell’s home that is now a National Historic Site and draws crowds of tourists yearly. It has ten rooms and two levels, and it’s just mesmerizing to see where exactly Bell invented his first phone.

Brantford also has numerous art displays, one of the main ones being the Glenhyrst Art Gallery. It is home to around 600 traditional and modern works. Have you heard of Wayne Gretzky? He is a famous hockey player from Brantford. So if you’re a hockey fan, you should consider checking out the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre. It is a large center with a hockey arena, ice rink, swimming pool, and a mini gym. 

You can have a wonderful day here. The city also has its Twin Valley Zoo, or the Earl Haig Family Fun Park – for the summer. For any food options, just stroll around the city, as there are so many small restaurants with local casual foods.

We’re heading next to Ferris Provincial Park!

Who doesn’t like suspended bridges over breath-taking scenery, right? Yeah, I thought the same! It is why my next destination is the beautiful Ferris Provincial Park in Campbellford. As I know, it is 182km away from Toronto, and the road will take you about 2 hours. 

Ferris Provincial Park is a less crowded park. Just imagine, it had 163 campsites and a bridge suspended over the Trent-Severn Waterway. Great environment. You usually see it in paintings rather than in real life. So, of course, I highly advise you to walk the Suspension Bridge first. But oh boy, if you’re afraid of heights, I warn you – it won’t be your cup of tea!

The Park gives you a variety of other activities to choose from as well. Skiing or snowshoeing in winter, and boating or canoeing in different seasons, but hiking here (I think) is a must. Hiking trails here will lead you to scenic views of the park and the Trent River Gorge. There is also ample chance that you’ll see a rare species of flower or other plants along the way.

Let’s go to Prince Edward County!

Did you know that Prince Edward County has several exciting attractions, beautiful nature, and great wine? It is a county in Southeastern Ontario, from what I know, about 213km from Toronto. I’m sure you heard about over 40 wineries in this region. I would recommend you try these wines on your own to understand their individuality. Just a month ago, I decided to take a wine tour with my friends, and I chose Sandbanks Vacations & Tours; this is a company that provides a delightful experience.

Finishing week number three – Sauble Beach

I said Wasaga Beach is the largest freshwater beach in the world? Well, here’s the second largest one – Sauble Beach. A beautiful beach on the shores of Lake Huron, Sauble Beach is 218km away from Toronto. It will take you a two hours 45m drive to get here, but it is sure worth it.

You can consider relaxing and recharging on this beach, enjoying the views, or going into town to the local shops. In the summer you can take a Bruce Peninsula Boat Tour. My favorite time in Sauble Beach, though, was the time I spent in Ascent Aerial Park with my family last year. It works during the warm season, and it offers ropes courses, zip coasters, a free-fall experience, and three rock climbing walls. It was hard, but who doesn’t like a challenge? A day spent at Sauble Beach is a day you will remember.

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