The second week of traveling in Ontario 

Relocating to Ontario cities with Camovers - local and long distance movers in Canada - top moving services
Relocating to Ontario cities with Camovers - local and long distance movers in Canada - top moving services

Last week we hit some stunning destinations, but the journey doesn’t stop here. Here are my picks for the second week in Ontario. Don’t forget about all the sanitary cautions. Wear a mask, wear gloves, keep the social distance, and you will still be able to discover new places or just have a vacation inside your province to ease your mind.

The journey continues at Spencer Reservation

Specifically, Dundas Peak. The epitome of a “perfect view.” It is located 72 km away from Toronto, in Spencer Gorge Conservation Area. It will take around 1 hour to get here. 

I visited it in autumn, and I was fascinated by all the colors and types of trees and how surreal it felt. But any season works well, in my opinion. If you are fond of hiking, this area is just perfect. Take the trip from Christie Lake to Webster Falls, and then follow the Tew Trail to Dundas Peak. You will have a complete panoramic view of Dundas and Hamilton from this vantage point. You have yet to discover the magnificent nature and views in this beautiful Conservation Area.

Next stop – Point Pelee

I highly encourage you to take a trip to Canada’s mainland southernmost point – Point Pelee National Park. It is worth the drive, which will take 3 hours 30 minutes, as the distance from Toronto is about 351km.

I was there with my family a couple of times, and the experience was enjoyable and memorable. The park is open year-round, surrounded by Lake Erie, and has diverse nature and wildlife due to its Carolinian zone habitats. 

From canoeing to kayaking, this is the place to do it. But most importantly, it’s an excellent place for hiking. The Marsh Boardwalk is a trendy place among tourists. Hiking is number one here. It is a 1km trail and boardwalk through marshlands, where you can observe numerous species of birds and wonderful nature. 

The Point Pelee beach is one of the longest in Ontario. If you like walking across the shore – it’s the right destination. Going to the park’s tip – the southernmost point of mainland Canada – is a must as well. 

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Day 11 – Woodland Cultural Centre

It is sure great to discover new getaways, nature, hiking, or skiing, but sometimes you may want to give culture your much-needed attention. 

It is one of the reasons I recommend visiting The Woodland Cultural Centre. It is 104 km away from Toronto. It has a museum, gallery, and library. This center is promoting Indigenous art and culture, giving a so needed platform for local artists to show their talents and speak their voices. 

Yes, Canada was not inhabited by the French and the British right from the beginning. It is why spreading awareness about and preserving the First Nations’ culture and language is critical. 

Before turning into a museum, I heard that the center was a residential school. You should know that First Nations children were taken from their parents and brought to this place to assimilate them according to European standards. Yes, I know, sad that this school was closed in 1970, after so many decades of abuse. 

Anyway, I do recommend visiting this exciting destination. It was thought-provoking for me, as it spreads awareness of racism, the hardships of the Indigenous people, and acceptance.

Discover Tobermory

Tobermory is a trendy place in Ontario. The Bruce Peninsula, in general, it gets pretty full, so if you have a chance to book a campsite here – go ahead!

Tobermory is on the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula and 295 km away from Toronto. You will get there in about 4 hours driving by car.

I think Tobermory was my most memorable trip. “Beautiful” is just an understatement when talking about this place. You have one of the best places to go hiking, with stunning views, The Grotto, and other gorgeous geological formations. Tobermory is also known as the “freshwater scuba diving capital of the world.” Hence, if I say that the beaches here are heavenly and the water is crystal clear – it’s not just my opinion alone. It is home to Fathom Five National Marine Park. Here you can see underwater beauties such as: 

  • canyons, 
  • underwater waterfalls, 
  • submerged forests 
  • numerous shipwrecks. 

Camping in Tobermory is a bucket list item, so if you haven’t done it, sure, consider doing it one day! And if you want an even better view of all the things, don’t forget to go to the Bruce Peninsula Lookout Tower.

And now where can you eat? My picks are the Tobermory Brewing Company and Grill and Coconut Joe’s. Both serve delicious grills and will complement your trip to this heaven on earth.

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Moving on to Peterborough

Another lovely small city, Peterborough is 138 km from Toronto; you’ll get here in 1 hour 30 minutes. It is a place that very well combines the urban vibe with nature. A must-see is Peterborough’s Trent-Severn Waterway locks, a national historic site, Riverview Park, and Zoo – a zoo with mini-train rides. 

I always like to just walk across the city’s scenic streets to see new things. You have great restaurants here, as well as cultural activities. You can visit the Art Gallery of Peterborough or the Canadian Canoe Museum.

But if you want to unwind in other ways, no worries! Peterborough has very close access to 

  • wildlife
  • hiking 
  • kayaking 
  • skiing 

Last for the second week – Scenic Caves Nature Adventures

I would say it’s a must-visit destination is Scenic Caves Nature Adventures. To say the truth this is one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been to. It’s 160 km away from Toronto, which is about a 2 hours drive.

God, I was skipping this trip for a long time; I don’t know why I was so reluctant at first. But my friend insisted we should go, and here’s what I have to say – if I could go there every day, I would!

So what is it? It is a year-round natural attraction, suitable for most ages. It has separate “adventures” for both the winter season and the warmer seasons. 

You can enjoy the view on the Suspension Bridge, go skiing or snowshoeing. Or you can easily explore all the caves, so there are fun activities for everybody.

It concludes journey-week number two

There are beautiful places to discover or spend your time in Ontario. Traveling is not recommended, but if you need to escape from the bustle of the city or just a week to recharge. And don’t forget the joys of life – grab a mask, follow the cautions, and you will be shocked with what your province has to offer you!

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