Moving To Prince George

Numerous opportunities are open to Prince George residents due to the steady rise in the growth of the town. Trading both in wholesale and retail as well as production industries are doing well in this locale. Health care, construction, and social services are also available. Employment increased by fourteen hundred from 2016 to 2017.

Prince George Temperatures and Prevailing Weather Conditions

Four seasons are experienced in full in Prince George. Two thousand hours of sunshine per year is an average for this region. Enjoying the outdoors is possible all year round in this region. An average temp experienced in summer is sixteen degrees Celsius. Temperatures in winter are at an average of negative six percent. Generally, the temperature ranges from above zero to the thirty on the law.


The price of things in this town is relatively affordable. When compared to other cities in Canada, the cost of buying a house and renting is relatively low. Gas prices are also low helping you save on the amount of money that you are bound to spend when living in Prince George.

Prince George Property Revenue

The primary source of tax for this city is property. Money collected is used to deliver public services to the residents of Prince George. Part of the tax levied is that which the government takes on behalf of other agencies. To reduce on the amount paid as revenue, it is advisable that homeowners register for the provincial homeowner grant. A portion of the funds collected is distributed to BC Assessment and the Municipal Finance Authority among other entities.

Prince George Education

Forty Anglophone elementary schools in this city come together to form the education system. There are eight secondary and the same number of private schools in the area. The University of British Columbia that was established in 1990 offers fifty-five undergraduate courses, fifteen masters programs, and two doctoral studies. A Northern Medical Program has also been introduced with the collaboration of the University of British Columbia to aid in reducing the shortage in the health care sector. UNBC has several branches across the city that handles the different disciplines offered by the institution.

Prince George Economy

Prince George has a diverse economy that cuts across different sectors. Over the years this region has developed from being a forest-based economy into other niches that have seen to its growth. Exploration of the natural reserves in this region has aided in the socio-economic growth of the locale.  A 2.6% growth was experienced in 2015, and the GDP rose by two point four percent in 2016. Growth in the private sector experienced an all-time in this year as well. As of 2017, a 2.8% growth had been encountered. Five industries that employ many people in this city are;

  • Retail and wholesale business
  • Production industry
  • Healthcare and social services
  • Accommodation
  • Food and beverage industry, and
  • Construction

Prince George Technology

Technological advancement is among the things that Prince George prides itself in. There is a wide range of options in the tech world, communication, film, TV, and media services. The throbbing media and tech sector gives multiple chances for investment for anyone who is interested.

Prince George Tourism

Canada is known across the globe for its destinations. There are various recreational facilities in Prince George that visitors and locals get to enjoy when they have time to spare.

Prince George Transport system

Building and maintenance of transport systems are among opportunities available in this sector. Prince George movers provide facilities for moving that may come in handy when one intends to change the locale.