Moving To Quebec City

This town is the center of the country’s French province, and its name translates to “where the river narrows.” It is famous for being the nation’s most toured town, especially because there are a lot of festivals that are held here and there are plenty of historical sites and museums.

Quebec City climate

Average temperatures during summer get to twenty-two to twenty-five degrees Celsius. Winters are a bit harsh with temperatures ranging from negative seven to negative fifteen degrees Celsius.

Quebec City neighborhoods

The municipality has six boroughs that are separated into thirty-five districts.


There is the public school system which is operated by the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports. Additionally, there are several universities and a couple of private schools and colleges.

Transport in Quebec City

There are a couple of highways and the Reseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) dealing with the public transport sector that has regular and articulated buses. Additionally, there is rail transport.


The economy of Quebec City relies on the administrative, service and defense work that goes on in the metropolis, with the government being the biggest employer, creating close to twenty-eight thousand jobs. The other percentage works in manufacturing making the unemployment rate go down to four point five percent.

Cost of living in Quebec City

Quebec City has a low cost of living in comparison to other bigger cities in the country. A house will cost you around two hundred and thirty-three thousand dollars, while the same in Toronto would be four hundred thousand dollars. When it comes to renting, a two bedroom flat is seven hundred and sixty dollars.

Nonetheless, without a proper budget, all the costs of housing, insurance, taxes, etc. could easily overwhelm you. For a household to be comfortable, they need at least sixty-four thousand dollars a year.

Best months to visit

The best times to tour the city are June to September, and December to February. Some festivals are held all through the summer and winter seasons with the warmer months being the most visited.

Getting around the Quebec City

Once you have made it through the walls of the old town, everything becomes more accessible, and you can walk to a lot of places in Quebec City. However, if it is too much for you to walk, or it is hot or extremely cold, there are Metrobus shuttles which serve six different routes. However, if you are in the mood for a view as you get around, then hitch a ride on the funicular, which is a steeply sloping railway. Alternatively, one can bike along the many designated bike paths.

If you have decided to relocate and make this place your home, then get in touch with Quebec City movers who will assist you with the moving.