Moving to Regina

Regina stands as the second biggest city in the province of Saskatchewan, but it is granted the title of the state’s capital. This friendly area is known as the cultural hub of the south region of the province and is home to more than two hundred thousand nationals. Even though it has a thriving economic sector, Regina is mostly recognized for its relaxing nature with a profusion of recreational amenities that make it one of Canada’s biggest attractions.

Regina Weather Conditions

Despite being the capital city in the country with the most sunshine, Regina still experiences the four-season cycle. Usually, the temperatures reach a high of seventy-three degrees Fahrenheit during the summers and drop to twelve degrees in the cold of winter.

Financial State

Mining is the cornerstone of this city’s economy with interests in a lot of minerals from oil and natural gas to kaolin and bentonite. The growth of this industry is mainly facilitated by that of transportation for easy movement of products from one firm to another, and finally to a ready market. Away from mining, the locale also hosts numbers of research parks that allow the conduction of research in science.

Regina Transport Services

Not only does the Trans-Canada Highway run through this region but also does major railway networks that lead even outside of Canada. Due to the major stands, the mining and service industries have in Regina’s financial system, a lot is invested in courier services.

With Regina, more than one hundred buses are used to move people around with an estimated six-point four billion using the service every year on the twenty major routes that connect cardinal points of the locality.


The education facilities in this Canadian city are run by different bodies. The first and biggest of them all is the Regina Public School Board that oversees the administration of high schools in separate classes of Christian and Islam. Education services are also offered in French, whose smooth running is overseen by the Council of Fransaskois Schools. University and college choices are also available in ample measure for undergraduate and post-graduate studies.

Regina Employment Rate

The massive diversity in the service provider industry in Regina makes it easier for people with different skill sets to find something that suits them. The joblessness rate in the region is low, which makes it a reliable place for sustenance.

Housing in Regina

The housing industry in this city is among the biggest focuses of both the parties in leadership and residents. Partnerships have been forged between the City Council and homeowners to see to it that a thriving, affordable housing market is identified within the area by 2020.

Regina Medical Services

The flourishing nature of the health sector in the province at large reflects on this capital city with two big hospitals running along with numerous small clinics. Medical cover is also well-provided for citizens.

Recreational Facilities

This area is not short of football, rugby, basketball, and baseball fields, all of which are major sports in both high school and graduate facilities with numerous national teams representing the city.

Moving to Regina

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