Moving To Saskatoon

One thing that the city of Saskatoon is known for is potash, which is a mineral that is almost only found here. There are also a lot of other reasons why you should consider living here, and if you are thinking of moving, then read on to find out more.

The climate and weather of Saskatoon

The town experiences all four seasons, with the winter being very cold. July is the hottest month with the temperatures getting to nineteen degrees Celsius. During the cold months, January is particularly chilly, and the average temperatures can go as low as negative sixteen degrees Celsius.

Saskatoon neighborhoods

People from different backgrounds have made this town their home, and there are distinct neighborhoods. There is the upper middle class one known as The Nutana, and it is situated in the center of the place next to the BroadwayStreet business district. This places it close to a lot of the businesses and combined with the historic buildings; it could be an ideal spot to reside in.

Transport in Saskatoon

The area is nicknamed the “Hub City” because it is placed centrally in the country. Plenty of services that serve the rest of the nation pass through the town, thus making it the capital of transport.


There are three major school districts which take care of the town’s seventy-eight elementary schools and fourteen high schools. Additionally, there are a couple of post-secondary education facilities, with The University of Saskatchewan being the largest, having more than twenty-one thousand undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students enrolled.

Economy of Saskatoon

Potash, which is a salt resource, is found in most of the mines and drives the city’s economy. Apart from that, oil mining and wheat growing also make up a big part of it.


There are three companies which provide most of the employment in the area, and these are Cameco, PotashCorp and Innovation Place. The economy here is good, and there are also other jobs in public transportation and tourism.

Cost of living in Saskatoon

In comparison to other cities that are the same size, this town has an average cost of living. Nonetheless, the earnings are low, and the residents complain about the struggle to make ends meet. Even though there are some job opportunities, not all of them pay well. Additionally, the cost of housing has gone up, with the rent of a one bedroom home going for one thousand dollars. This might seem low, but it is too much for the town’s average workers.

Sports and recreation in Saskatoon

Everyone here loves ice hockey, and it is the most popular sport, with the town being home to a lot of amateur teams. Canadian football is the most successful field sport, and there are also lacrosse teams. Apart from this, motor racing is also pretty popular.

Looking for a place to settle? This town might be the right fit. Get in touch with Saskatoon movers for more information or help with the moving project.