Car Shipping in Canada and Snowbirds Auto Transport

Car shipping across Canada

If one is planning a moving and is wondering how to ship the car to the new place, then CAmovers is a perfect solution for you. CAmovers works with moving companies who provide car shipping service, assists our clients to ship the

  1. cars,
  2. motorbikes,
  3. trucks,
  4. and even mobile homes safely and in one piece, both cross country and to the USA.

The movers we work with use both open and enclosed vehicle transport trucks for car shipping service. Based on where you are coming from and going to, using trucks to convey the possessions could end up being the only way for you, however when it comes to longer shipments, it is best to use both trucks and train. Most of our clients prefer to have their car shipped by truck, especially for local and long distance moving projects.

Can I put personal belongings in the car?

It is possible to have some things in the car if it is being shipped via truck. Nonetheless, because of insurance policies, in selected shipping lanes, one can only have tires in their car, and in others, no personal belongings are allowed to be in the automobile no matter what. To dodge being caught up in such a situation, CAmovers advises to find out prior if you can have goods in your car, and which ones are allowed. As for a quote from the movers you have decided to work with and then ask them for the personal items policy.

Professional car shipping companies at Camovers will cope with any difficulties!

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What is the process of fastening the car that transported in the truck?

Once the movers have driven the car into the moving trailer that will hold it, there are two methods through which it is secured to make sure it does not move about and end up breaking or damaging some parts. These usually depend on the build of the trailer. The most frequently used method is using tire straps. Normally, these straps are put over the tires and hold the car to the trailer. What this means is that neither the strap nor the van gets into contact with any section of the car apart from the tire. For older model trailers, movers are forced to use shackles to fasten the frame of the car to the moving trailer.

CAmovers work with qualified auto shippers only and will be able to get you the best prices for what you need, no matter if you want to have it moved in an enclosed trailer or need to get the lowest possible price. So get a moving quote today, and CAmovers will be ready to help you out.

Snowbirds Auto Transport in Canada

Vehicle Carriage and Transference Rates

You have been planning a move, and the D-day is finally here. However, even though everything is in order, you might be worried about how you will transport your car especially since it is winter time. The good news is that one does not have to deal with this on their own as there are:

  • safe,
  • trustworthy,
  • insured and
  • bonded moving companies that will convey the vehicle for you such as Snowbirds Auto Transport.

Our team is made up of well-trained individuals who have the experience to haul the automobile to and from anywhere the client needs it. Due to the cold and the snow, we have special trucks that are suited for transport during this season. They are kept in the best shape to ensure that you get the best experience as you travel south to enjoy the holidays. Since we offer top-notch services, we have a list of repeat customers that get in touch with us to relocate their vehicles every year. Because of this, the crew has come up with the Snowbird Special which we only offer during this time. All you need to do is to request it once you get in touch with them.

Another advantage of working with us is that we also offer special services for the elderly and people who have retired. The dedicated crew will be able to come to where you are, collect the car and transport it from north to south, relieving you of some of the moving stress while making sure that your precious possession arrives at its destination in one piece. If one needs their car transported anywhere in Canada or the USA, then we are the right people to call. The team of experts guarantees that it will get delivered to you in the shortest time possible.

Just in case you are wondering if working with us is the best thing for you, here are some of the reasons why:

  • No stress

The team will see to it that the car is transported safely, as well as delivered right to your home. This does away with the stress of having to pick them up at terminals or other places.

  • Multiple car offers

In the event that you have some pals who are also considering having their cars transported, there is a discount if they can fill a truck. Check on our website for how to go about this, as well as get free moving quotes.

  • A crew of knowledgeable individuals

Our company has been in the business of motor vehicle transport for a long time, and because of this, we have gathered the experience needed to verify that your car will be safe and sound. Apart from that, we have hired a crew of proficient people who have received all the proper training on how to handle such moves.

Give us a call anytime and schedule your car shipping project with us.

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