Moving to St. Catharines

This is a city that works hard to take care of the different needs of all its dwellers, making it an ideal place for all age groups, families and individuals to live and work. There are lots of amenities, and the locals are known for being friendly, charming and very welcoming.


The type of climate here is humid continental, and due to this, there are a lot of frost-free days and less snow and ice during the winter. On the other hand, it also experiences heavy lake-effect snow particularly when it is windy. The highest temperature ever was on tenth July nineteen thirty-six where it went up to forty degrees Celsius, with the coolest being negative twenty-five degrees Celsius on eighteenth February nineteen seventy-nine.


There are plenty of museums and canals which create a site that not only draws the locals but visiting parties as well. These combined give the place a beautiful setting.


The Welland Canal joins the two lakes in the area and then flows out to the city, creating a way for ships to navigate between them. Additionally, the St. Catharines Transit Commission gives the people living here public busing services. There is also an airport and a railway for individuals who prefer that than to travel by road.


The city gets revenue from property tax. These measures are put in place so that the area can keep up and grow very much needed programs and services which are important for the inhabitants here. On top of that, there are also federal and provincial taxes to be paid.

Economic development

With the start of the New Year, the city has come up with a new six-year economic development plan that will assist the area to grow and bring in more investment and jobs.


There is the Niagara District School board which heads the town’s English speaking schools, which includes six secondary one, with the Catholic school board governing three schools. Apart from this, there are also post-secondary institutions.


In the year nineteen ninety, the town came up with a hall of fame where men and women alike, as well as athletes and builders who have in their major way added to the growth of sports in the city,  are displayed for all to see, and also those who made the town get recognized both nationally and internationally.

Cost of living

This is quite average in comparison to the other cities. The prices of renting a home here could be lower than in other places, but when you compare another aspect such as food, it could be the other way around.

If you have decided to move, then get in touch with St. Catherines movers, and they will assist in all aspects of the moving project.