Top 3 Tips for Shipping Your Vehicle During Winter

Tips for Shipping Your Vehicle During Winter
Tips for Shipping Your Vehicle During Winter

Shipping your vehicle from one place to another during the winter season brings a lot of challenges, especially for long-distance or cross-country moving. Driving your vehicle to its destination may seem like the best option, but this can be risky when you’re dealing with icy roads and heavy snowfall.

In order to ensure that everything goes as planned, you’ll need to contact a reputable vehicle shipper to develop a transportation plan. You’ll also have to prepare your vehicle beforehand. In the following article, we’ll provide you with 3 time-tested tips that will help you ensure your vehicle arrives safely at its destination.

Tip #1: Choose the right vehicle shipping company

The most important part in transporting your vehicle is hiring the right shipping service for the job. Since the shipping procedures are at risk of unexpected circumstances, especially during the winter, the company should have contingency plans to address possible problems.

First, the shipping company should be licensed and insured. They should be legally authorized to operate and offer insurance if problems occur. The company should also provide you with a transportation plan that best meets your needs.

It should also have contingencies in place for problems such as:

  • snow storms 
  • slippery roads due to melting ice
  • inaccessible roads

Finally, you should be able to choose between an open or closed type of transport. Although closed carriers are more expensive, they’re worth the additional cost because they protect your vehicle from harsh weather.

Tip #2: Plan ahead

There are a lot of shipping companies across the country, but there are times when these companies are fully booked. This tends to occur around holidays, especially the first half of January.

If you’re planning to ship your vehicle during this time, be sure to book your service at least a couple months in advance. What’s more, if you’re not in a hurry, you can always get a deal by early December or by February and March of the following year.

Tip #3: Prepare your vehicle

The main goal of a vehicle shipping service provider is to ensure that your vehicle is safely delivered to its destination. That being said, you’re still responsible for preparing the vehicle for the trip.

Here are some of the tasks you need to do:

  • Clean the vehicle inside and out
  • Remove all valuable items
  • Check with a mechanic for loose or damaged parts
  • Take note of the mileage
  • Get your keys duplicated
  • Take detailed pictures of your vehicle
  • Top the radiator up with antifreeze
  • Adjust the tire pressure

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