WEBINAR #1: Say No Overcharges & Scams in Moving Canada (The Best Tips 2021)

Podcast wiht Camovers - Top rated movers in Canada
Podcast wiht Camovers - Top rated movers in Canada

Event Description | April 8th, 2021


  • How to choose a reputable moving company in Canada?
  • How to expose moving scams?
  • How to save some cash when moving long-distance or locally in Canada?

James Davidson is an experienced manager and one of the best moving support agents at Camovers.

James takes pride in providing educational support to our Canadian consumers.

For over 8 years, James has been a noteworthy leader at Camovers. As a manager, his tasks include: operating with moving companies and consumers every single day.

James Davidson has been honored with the Best manager award at Cross Canada Moving department for his contributions to educating consumers in hiring the right movers, avoiding scams,s and much more.

In addition to his primary job functions, James has been recognized for honesty, punctuality, and for his extraordinary commitment to the Canadian Moving industry.