4 Things to Do When Movers Come

Do you need to be present for movers
Do you need to be present for movers

When you hire professionals to handle your relocation, you can rest easy knowing they’re in charge of everything. However, it doesn’t mean you’re done with your responsibilities. Rather, knowing what to do while they’re handling your stuff can help make the day go perfectly smooth.

Once you choose one of the trusted companies to take care of your long distance moving in Toronto, and they reach your home on the scheduled day, it’s time for you to do your fair share. Keep reading to learn more about what to do to let the pros do their job as efficiently as possible. 

Do you need to be present for movers?

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While you should make room for the experts to follow their usual methods, you shouldn’t leave them all on their own, since they might need additional instructions and require your assistance in resolving any issues that may occur along the way. With these tips, you’ll know what to do:

Help with parking space

If you live in a single-family home, your van will likely pull into the driveway. However, your HOA may have specific rules about where a van can park, so make sure to check this. In case you live in an apartment, you’ll have to ask the managers about it. The same goes for the final destination – you should acquire this info in advance to avoid any complications on the actual day.

Wait for your movers outside so you can direct them if necessary. While you’ve probably already provided the company with parking instructions, it’s good to be available to avoid any confusion.

Clear the way

Make sure you walk the route your experts will take from the van to all the existing exits of your home, including your backyard gate, front door, and garage door. They won’t always be able to see what’s ahead of them, since they will be handling pieces of furniture or large appliances, so you should make sure these routes are safe and without any obstacles such as kids’ toys or the garden hose.

Spread salt if the path is icy, shovel it if it’s snowy, and sweep any broken branches, leaves, and other debris.

Be hospitable

Be a friendly host and offer your movers something to drink. While bottled water is absolutely fine, they’ll likely appreciate coffee, especially on a cold morning. You can leave some snacks at hand and offer to buy sandwiches or pizza for lunch. Apart from it being a kind gesture, it will also save them some time they would otherwise use to go elsewhere for lunch. 

In addition, set up a spot in your bathroom with paper towels and liquid soap so they can wash up after handling a particularly dirty item or before meals. 

Be there

You definitely shouldn’t leave the site on your day of relocation. However, if you can’t be there for any reason, find a friend, family member, or neighbor who can and who is trustworthy and reliable. They should be able to stay present throughout the day, answer any questions your movers may have, and commit to the tasks we listed so far.

Where in Toronto can I hire a trustworthy long distance moving service?

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To successfully carry out your project, you need to carefully plan when to start your preparations, how much time you’ll dedicate to packing, and when exactly you want to schedule it. With Camovers, you can rest assured that we’ll show up at the agreed upon time and ensure your belongings stay in a great condition. Whether you live around Harbourfront, or in any other neighborhood, we’ll be there to assist you. Call now!