Banned Items by Relocating Agencies

Banned Items by Relocating Agencies | Best Movers in Canada
Banned Items by Relocating Agencies | Best Movers in Canada

Working with long distance movers in Canada is one of the best steps you can take when handling a relocation. Most reliable companies come with the expertise needed to fine-tune their services according to your needs. The list of options offered includes packing services, vehicle transportation, hauling of goods, and even the disconnection and reconnection of internet services.

Even so, these firms operate within various laws that dictate the limits of what they can and cannot do. Each agency usually has a list of belongings that they cannot haul on your behalf due to the danger they pose or being too delicate to make the trip safely. The list is especially extensive in the case of long-distance relocations or those that take you across the border. It is recommended to ask for a list of prohibited items from your chosen cross Canada moving companies so that you can make prior plans on how they are going to get to the desired destination or get rid of them. The items listed can differ from one company to another, but some of them remain constant in all of them such as:

  • Toxic substances

Some things may seem pretty harmless when being put to use at home, but they can be a recipe for disaster when loaded and transported in a truck along with other possessions. Paint, ammonia poisons, and paint thinners are some of the items that fall on this list. It is also advisable to keep cleaning agents away from the rest of your possessions as some firms do not take them.

  • Explosives

Firearms and other forms of ammunition are firmly rejected by all relocating agencies. Firms also refuse to transport chemistry sets, petrol, fireworks, scuba tanks, propane tanks, matches, and other items that have the potential to explode during transit. Keep in mind that most trucks are not insulated, so environmental factors such as high temperatures can easily result in an explosion.

  • Perishables

It is banned by law for moving companies to load up and haul items that can only survive in refrigerated conditions. This means no frozen foods or any other eatables that have only been worked through halfway can be taken by the packing crew. However, some moving companies can allow exceptions depending on the conditions of your relocation. For instance, you could have goods that perish within twenty-four hours and your new home is barely two hours away. Nonetheless, make sure that the crew knows what they are handling so that they can best decide the steps to take. It is advisable to finish your foods before relocating day comes by or give them out to neighbors and loved ones if they prove too many to finish in a good time.

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