Best Canadian Metropolises to Call Home

Long Distance Movers in Markham | Best Moving Companies across Canada
Long Distance Movers in Markham | Best Moving Companies across Canada

It is undeniable that metropolises like Vancouver and Toronto are some of the most breathtaking across the nation with diverse cultural groups, eye-catching sceneries, along with employment and business opportunities. These elements make them attractive to most. But a city requires to have qualities that support affordable living on top of offering all these decorative elements.

However, the areas mentioned above are continually making headlines for having high prices in the housing sector that continue to grow, making it hard for people with small incomes to maintain a decent livelihood.

When ranking the best municipalities, several factors apply

  • the average price of houses,
  • crime rates,
  • job opportunities, and
  • amenities such as roads and hospitals.

In some cases, the climatic conditions are also considered. Most reviews rank as the following towns as the best to consider the next time you are presented with the option to relocate.

British Columbia – Oak Bay

British Columbia is considered one of the best provinces to live in, and Oak Bay stands as among the crème de la crème towns for settlement in the region. This area is located not too far from the southern border of Vancouver, and it sits by the sea. Its appearance in this list is owed to several factors such as:

  • An average income for residents that is higher than the national median
  • An intricate system for public transport that includes both buses and trains
  • Top of the range health centers

The most popular element of this region is its high association with arts, and even holds one of the biggest collections in the country.

Ontario – Ottawa

Even though Ontario is the national city, it ranks among the most livable regions. The locale houses not only Parliament but also the most significant number of government employees. With different types of housing that fall in a wide price range, this area is perfect for families living off both low and high incomes.

Additionally, it harbors a lot of natural beauty as well as numerous places from where it can be admired.

Saskatchewan – Weyburn

Weyburn SK is considered the gem of the Prairies with a quiet environment that still thrives under a growing economy. The population in this locale is quite small compared to others and stands at eleven thousand people according to the last census. If you are looking for a quiet town that still offers a range of employment opportunities, top-notch healthcare, and affordable homes, Weyburn is a suitable option.

British Columbia – North Saanich

British Columbia makes the cut once more with North Saanich, another metropolis that offers some of the best conditions for living in the nation. The area has access to prestigious healthcare centers, along with high-income rates for residents. The high number of jobs in the locality helps keep crime low.

If you are considering a relocation, look through these cities and settle on one that meets your desires best. Once you have come to a decision, reach out to Long Distance Movers in Markham to aid in the relocation.

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